The LOKAL INSIDER | The Lokal Business Marketing Secrets Revealed
  • Lloyd Perez
16 episodes
In this podcast, we will talk about local business marketing secrets where you will also meet local business owners as they tell their own stories, their hard work, success and failures, and how they overcome their challenges as they make their own mark to change this world into a better place.


EP 16 New Year Trend by marketers selling digital products
2021 Jan 1412m 34s
This episode is about a trend that is becoming common with online marketers selling information products. This episode may apply to you as a small business if you are consuming online course content that helps you boost your local business products.
EP 15 Happy New Year and What Lies Ahead of this Podcast
2021 Jan 075m 52s
This episode talks about what content we will be expecting ahead to be published and how we are so optimistic about the value that we are going to be giving and sharing to all of you.
EP 14 Merry Christmas To You and Your Family
2020 Dec 312m 18s
Just wanted to greet you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Looking forward to a new successful beginning for all.
13 Decision Time If I should continue this Podcast
2020 Dec 248m 35s
This episode gives a view about my decision to proceed or to stop publishing for this podcast
EP 12 Should I continue Publishing Content for this Podcast?
2020 Dec 179m
In this episode, I speak about how I feel about this podcast and should I continue publishing or not.
EP 11 Local Business Marketing Secrets - Local Business Web Security
2020 Dec 103m 9s
In this episode, we talked about the importance of web security for your local business website. How domain you can protect your business by implementing simple security measures.
EP 10 The Local Business Website - Web Hosting
2020 Dec 033m 7s
In this episode, we talked about the importance of web hosting for your local business website. How domain relates to your brand.
EP 09 The Local Business Website - Domain Name
2020 Nov 266m 35s
In this episode we talked about the importance of having a domain for your business website. How domain relates to your brand.
EP 08 The Local Business Website
2020 Nov 194m 29s
One of my favourite topics will be discussed including the importance of it! I am revealing the 3 key things you need to have just to kick off thing for your business website. If you are still thinking about getting one for your business you need to know these three areas.
EP 07 Mackenzie - The Ratbag Jeweller and his Story of HOPE
2020 Nov 128m 52s
In today's episode, we are skipping the topic "Local business websites". I want to share with you a story about Hope for people with autism. Listen to the Ratbag Jeweller Mackenzie and his message of Hope. His business was established during COVID lockdown in New Zealand. He crafts these amazing rings of Hope.