• Galaxy Factory
26 episodes
Players from the Galaxy Factory improv team deliver short improv sets based on a story from one of its members. A bi-weekly shot of silliness for our social distancing days.


ep. 24 "Bottom of the Le Croix Barrel" with Tori!
2020 Nov 0214m 16s
Tori is back! And the gang tries to determine the worst of the Le Croix flock.
ep. 23 "Worst. Improv. Ever." with Tori!
2020 Oct 2718m 52s
The gang welcomes Tori as this episode's special guest. We talk the worst improv, but not before arguing over the worst breakfast foods.
ep. 22 "Bandmates from the Animal Kingdom" with Nora!
2020 Oct 1915m 21s
Our special guest, Nora, sparks an investigation on which animals make the best bandmates.
ep. 21 "Bill Tries to Ask a Question"
2020 Oct 1213m 31s
This episode is a hot mess. Who's that mystery person in the intro? Will Bill ever get to ask his question? Why did Tim answer the phone during recording?
ep. 19 "What's Your Bug's Life?"
2020 Oct 0519m 44s
Emily returns after moving to the fairytale land of Texas. The gang decides which insect best represents their own personalities. Can you guess who's the Praying Mantis, the Bumble Bee, the Caterpillar, and the Pokemon?
ep. 19 "Oreos!" with special guest Bill W.
2020 Sep 2119m 34s
Two Bill W's on one podcast?! The gang decides whether or not Oreos need to exit the junk food isle. Also, Sam creates a segment called "Stride Watch"
ep. 18 "Smells Lost to Time"
2020 Aug 1719m 53s
Another episode without Bill?! The gang shares their favorite Bill tales then takes on a creative question from a listener.
ep. 17 "The Great Sandwich Debate"
2020 Aug 1022m 2s
After diving headfirst into the team's favorite style of potatoes and their mysterious origins, Sam and Tim face off in The Great Sandwich Debate 2020.
ep. 16 "Sheep and Goats"
2020 Aug 0420m 40s
We're taking your questions and producing some top-tier nonsense.
ep. 15 "The Dakotas"
2020 Jul 2720m 17s
After discovering we have a hard dime delineating the late 90s and early 00s in music, the gang takes a big dumb swing at re-drawing the U.S.'s state borders.