• Tom Boggs
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Tom Boggs is a Lending Expert! With over 20 years in Consumer Finance. Tom comes from humble beginnings for this reason he has become an advocate of Financial Education. After serving over 15,000 clients Tom has discovered the secrets that banks don't want you to know. It is the mission of the Radio Station to expose new groundbreaking banking trends that will save you thousands of dollars, and teach you how to leverage your credit to create investment steams with Creative Credit Options!


TomTalks.CallCenterOpportunity Earn 25% on Sales... TomTalks Offers LI - DMP - Timeshare,. ..
2020 Aug 233m 52s
TomTalks.CallCenterOpportunity Earn 25% on Sales... TomTalks Offers coaching memberships that include LI - DMP - Timeshare - Credit Repair Business Credit & Personal loans, and much more
The right way to buy a car! #TomTalksCredit 407.637.6933
2020 Aug 191m 2s
Join Tom as he talks about how he helped a client to save more than $3,000 simply by making a phone call.... If you're looking to purchase a new vehicle but you want to do it the right way by Saving $3,000 or more please call 407-637-6933
Got Approved! TomTalks>Approvals ,.. What to do next? Call 407.637.6933
2020 Aug 171m 9s
Got Approved! TomTalks>Approvals ,.. What to do next!
TomTalks.Care #Helping100 #Paying It Forward!!! And C.A.R.E. Program
2020 Aug 174m 35s
Join Tom as he gives you the subtle nuances of The CARE program and talks more about helping 100 people with their credit card debt with the Pay It Forward program. If you or your family has been impacted by the covid-19 pandemic call Tom talks radio at 407-637-6933 for help!
#TomTalksCredit (w) Janet part 2 - Get Help @ #TomTalksRadio 407.637.6933
2020 Aug 1552s
Listen as Tom breaks down the financial outcomes of Janet's Unsecured pay-off plan.
(Live-Talk w' Jan from PA) Somebody said #TomTalks.Credit
2020 Aug 144m 8s
Listen candidly as Tom works directly with a calling to lower the interest rates and payments on her high interest credit cards!
Is 620 a Good Credit Score?
2020 Aug 141m 56s
620 is a Credit Score that often boarderlines approval rates. Tom talks about how a 620 credit score performs in this market. Call Us @ #TomTalksCredit 407.637.6933
Call Centers Update!!! #TomTalksOpportunity APPROVALS & BILLING #TomTalksBusiness
2020 Aug 131m 55s
Listen as Tom explains in detail exactly how the approval billing and servicing process work when referring a potential member to Fair learning Corp. Tom goes deeper into the nuances of sales what it means to get in okay what it means to get a signature and what it means to build a customer.
Bad Credit, Good Credit, and how utilization rates works with Tom Boggs,..
2020 Aug 121m 50s
Listen in on this episode as Tom talks about bad credit how it can be avoided and the effect of the utilization rate can have on your overall credit score. If you're looking to get approved and change the way creditors see you call 407-637-6933 #AskTomBoggs
Monday Money Talks! #What Is Debt Exactly,.. Loan Sharking & The emergent need for Financial updates
2020 Aug 102m 32s
Tom goes over a couple of critical point as he rants in passion over the Monday money thing. Join us now and don't forget to like our page and share it on Facebook.