• Liam Michael Carr
3 episodes
Presented by GoodTime Media, GoodFlix is an entertainment based podcast where Liam discusses everything in movies from recommendations, popular movie arguments, our favorites, and even the occasional interview.


Crackhead Coochieman is my Soulmate
2020 Dec 1027m 48s
In today's episode, Liam and Ben take a different approach to the podcasting world and answer some questions that Liam found on the world wide web.
A Love Like Bert & Ernie's
2020 Nov 0839m 46s
In this episode, the boys discuss varying topics such as zombie murder weapons, ATLA character's last names, Bert and Ernie and their love life, and determine which movie description is fake.
Mike Myers: The Best Halloween Villain
2020 Oct 2255m 56s
In this debut video, Liam brings his brother Ben on the podcast to answer a few movie debate questions and determine who the best Halloween villain is.  Make sure to follow @goodtimecontent for daily updates and blogs!