Theatre in the Sound
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8 episodes
Bring the theatre straight to your ears. Tune in each week for new laughs, cries, goosebumps, and warm fuzzy feelings. A WNYU podcast.


2020 Mar 268m 45s
Written by Lindsay Carpenter
Plus One
2020 Mar 2618m 19s
Written by Petra Lord
War of One World
2020 Mar 2116m 18s
Written and Directed by Lani Kording
Dungeons, No Dragons
2020 Mar 2120m 46s
Written by Alyssa See-Tho
For the Culture
2020 Mar 218m 3s
In an alternate present, a secret society gains access to the Royal British Family through the marriage of one of their members to notable bachelor Prince Harry.
Black ou Noir
2019 Mar 0711m 25s
Written by Lindsay Carpenter
The Price of a Prophet (part 2)
2019 Feb 2622m 4s
Written by Brandi Powell
The Price of a Prophet (part 1)
2019 Feb 2622m 27s
Written by Brandi Powell
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