• Olivia David and Kelsey Bryant
5 episodes
Two women, two counties, two opinions and an endless amount of questions and answers.In an "Ask Sally" format, Liv and Kels use their limited experience, yet strong problem solving skills to help with the questions you need answered and the problems desperately needing solving.From questions like "Is Cereal Considered Soup?" to "I Have a Crush on My Step Brother, What Should I Do?", Liv and Kels are here to talk about it.


Should Picky Eaters Change Their Ways?
2020 Oct 134m 56s
What an odd question- I mean, you can't decide what you like and don't like, right? The ladies seem to agree on this one though. What do you think?
Should Criminals Get Their Reward Money?
2020 Oct 134m 27s
This may seem like a straight forward answer, but if the criminal turns themselves in, should they themselves receive the reward money? There are some valid points raised on both sides here... Also, what DID happen to Timmy?
Embarrassing Things We All Do
2020 Oct 129m 8s
We know you do them too- don't lie to us. They are definitely more embarrassing things that we didn't list. Maybe we need to do a part two? All I know is I'm happy not to be talking about mermaids anymore.
Do Pick-Up Lines Work?
2020 Oct 126m 30s
Pick-up lines seem to be something of the past, but does it have to be so? Liv ad Kels discuss the pros and cons of pick-up lines. Have they worked for/on you?
All Aboard the Titanic 2.0!
2020 Oct 126m 38s
If you had the chance to go on a re-modeled version of The Titanic, would you do it? May seem like a more realistic question than you think....
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