Friday Freestylin'
  • Homies Confidential Inc.
3 episodes
The malice in the industry basically. Come ovah for a good time.


Algerian Asterisk or Whateva
2020 Sep 2654m 4s
The stars aren’t aligned for us but there sure are stars in the sky. Zaku, Sergio, and Parth compare indoors to outdoors, discuss love and names, and have a good time.
Gold and Green
2020 Sep 2341m 7s
In the absence of Parth, Sergio, Peter, and Jacobo discuss the importance of huskies, memories, ancestry, and more.
Rustication Station
2020 Sep 121h 4m 53s
Sergio n' Parth: Coconuts, dissociation, rituals, and defecation...
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