The Schandy Special
  • Dustin Schandevel
13 episodes
Host Dustin Schandevel talks sports with various guests in the sports media world.


Ep. 13 - A Chat with the Pistons Beat Writers
2020 Apr 161h 31s
In a live Twitter stream that quickly faced audio issues, here's a way to listen to a great conversation that was had by the beat writers that cover the Detroit Pistons. The audio picks up with Rod Beard of The Detroit News answering what is has been like as a beat writer in these uncertain times. The conversation ranges from offseason thoughts to the draft to Ku Khalil getting absolutely roasted to best places to eat in Detroit. It's simply a must listen.
Ep. 12 - Doug Wernert
2020 Mar 041h 2m 24s
The Social Media Director of the Detroit Pistons Doug Wernert joins The Schandy Special to discuss his background, the ins and outs of his job, dealing with Pistons Twitter, favorite moments/memories, handling Blake Griffin's arrival, teal jerseys, baby yoda meme, career advice and so much more. Wernert is in his eighth season with the Pistons and brought tremendous insight to the show.
Ep. 11 - Nicolas Henkel
2020 Feb 031h 9m 27s
PistonPowered Site Expert Nicolas Henkel joins The Schandy Special to create a dialogue with host Dustin Schandevel on mental illness and the impact it has had on both his and Dustin's life.
Ep. 10 - Rod Beard
2020 Jan 2452m 26s
Detroit News beat writer and #StartWriting king Rod Beard joins The Schandy Special for the second time to talk about Reggie Jackson's return, what the trade deadline means for the Pistons, Andre Drummond's future, dating advice and so much more.
Ep. 9 - Duncan Smith
2019 Dec 141h 28m 21s
Baby Yoda Co-Killer Duncan Smith joins the Schandy Special to discuss his murder of Baby Yoda, our favorite Twitter user ScoutWithBryan and writing for All You Can Heat (1-30), everything Detroit Pistons -- Blake Griffin, team outlook leading to trade deadline, Dwane Casey as a coach, Sekou and much more (30-1:01) and closes the show answering Twitter questions that goes completely off the rails (1:01-close).
Ep. 8 - Tony Dombrowski
2019 Oct 261h 21m 1s
Detroit sports media sensation Tony Dombrowski joins The Schandy Special to discuss how he's built his own fanbase (0-15), makes and misses from the first two Pistons games (15-48), Lions talk for the first time ever on the podcast (48-1 hour) and Twitter questions to close out that ranged from morphing the best NBA player, who is more deserving of a championship between Stafford and Blake Griffin and the best girl advice two single dudes could offer.
Ep. 7 - James Edwards III
2019 Oct 1146m 28s
James Edwards III of The Athletic joins The Schandy Special to discuss his initial thoughts after the Mavs game, things I liked and disliked, final roster decisions, Reggie and Andre contract outlook, Boban vs. Kawhi PPV idea and much more.
Ep. 6 - Matt Moore
2019 Sep 041h 8m 28s
Matt Moore (@HPbasketball) of the Action Network and formerly CBS Sports joins The Schandy Special to give an inside look at his own life and how he became a sports writer, an outsider's perspective on the Pistons upcoming year, what teams are most intriguing based on win total predictions and which teams will most likely fall, thoughts on teams floating around the eight seed in the West, the rollercoaster of various Twitter questions and much, much more.
Ep. 5 - Rod Beard
2019 Aug 1341m 29s
Rod Beard joins The Schandy Special to discuss his experience as a beat writer for the Detroit News, the Pistons 2019-20 schedule, Reggie Jackson trade chatter and much, much more.
Ep. 4 - Don Barris
2019 Aug 0954m 37s
Michigan Native and longtime LA comedian Don Barris joins the Schandy Special to share his memories of the Bad Boys era, thoughts on the '03 draft, '04 squad and current Pistons, can Blake Griffin make it in comedy, best moments working with Jimmy Kimmel and much, much more.