Mastering Success with Brett D. Scott
  • Brett D. Scott
19 episodes
On the Mastering Success podcast we talk about the journey of success with individuals who have experienced a great level of achievement and seen massive growth in their business and/or life. It is our hope that you will either start or continue down a path of your own success!


Episode 19: More Able Than Disabled - Natasha Price & Adam Sheppard
2021 May 0454m 35s
It was awesome to have both Natasha and Adam do this interview together. Now keep in mind, they're just really good friends, not a couple. Adam has been helping Natasha as her coach and more and they've both got a joint mission that you'll hear in this interview.
Episode 18: Flying High or High Flying? - Grant Norwitz
2021 Apr 291h 53s
Originally growing up in South Africa, Grant shares his journey through the military with aviation and parachute testing and how these apply to real world and business and life decisions.
Episode 17: The World is Her Canvas - Virginia Rose
2021 Apr 2257m 42s
This episode is sure to surprise you. There's definitely some tough moments. Virginia's road certainly hasn't been sugar coated, however she always found a way to make sure there was icing on her cake.
Episode 16: Eight Billion Reasons - Liza Florida
2021 Mar 2646m 21s
To start with, let me first pronounce Liza correctly sounds like Leeza, not Lieza, as I pronounced. This amazing woman as you will hear has had year of working within real estate in California, USA for her company 'The Myriad Group' she now owns with her brother.
Episode 15: When Your Love of BBQ Burns Bright - Ben Arnot
2021 Mar 211h 3m 37s
Certainly not the direction Ben imagined his life going. Being a school teacher and helping kids grow was certainly where Ben thought he would be for a majority of his time on earth.
Episode 14: She's Not Horsing Around - Elysia Buss
2021 Mar 121h 7m 11s
I met this amazing lady when I was asked by a friend to be a part of the world's first Mens Summit, talking all things masculinity and how to live as a man in a positive way. Elysia was literally the only female involved; helps when you're the boss.
Episode 13: Coffee + Chats + Business = Success - Jay Scherr
2021 Mar 031h 8m 54s
From the moment Jay starts talking you'll be captivated by his soulful voice that carries each story away like listening to a beautiful poem read by Morgan Freeman.
Episode 12: Burning, Burning Fire Inside - John Lee Dumas
2021 Feb 2214m 2s
I am excited to share John Lee Dumas to my audience. Why? Because he is the real deal, someone who found a way to create a Podcast and business from scratch with zero experience that most people would be absolutely astounded by.
Episode 11: Celebrities Are Just the Beginning - Lauren Yeates
2021 Feb 151h 9m 52s
From a young age Lauren got the bug for interviewing celebrities and it all started with her love of the Biebs' (Justin Bieber)
Episode 10: Video Expert almost Ends it All - Sohan Gokarn
2021 Feb 0357m 40s
Sohan certainly had a wild ride when it came to choosing partners. In fact, things got so bad, his car almost decided to drive into a brick wall.