Soul Journey to Joyous Judaism
  • Menachem Landa
32 episodes
The perfect place for doses of Jewish inspiration to nourish your soul, uplift your day, and quite possibly change the trajectory of your life. Welcome!


A spiritual lesson about Lag Ba’Omer
2021 Apr 3018m 44s
Lag Ba’Omer is a mystical and Holy day. Many have a custom to play with bows and arrows on this day. Find out the deeper meaning of why. By discovering the quantum mechanics of Judaism
Make sure you have this quality!!
2021 Apr 1711m 44s
Learn from Aaron how to rebuke and help some one out!
Does Torah believe in punishment?
2021 Apr 178m 28s
Learn from the name of the Torah portion, tazria, to grow and renew ourselves in the face of mistakes
Practical lessons to learn from the offerings
2021 Mar 1912m 34s
Why would God want us to bring offerings? Valuable lessons to learn from this odd mitzvah
A story that teaches us the true meaning of humility
2021 Mar 1911m 45s
We can learn from the small Aleph in this weeks Torah portion how to be humble like Moses
Is it ever ok to delay a mitzvah?
2021 Mar 1310m 53s
A powerful lesson can be learned from Moshe on setting priorities straight!
The most important vaccine for a leader is not what you would think
2021 Mar 1211m 30s
A very valuable lesson from the leaders conduct in the desert demonstrates to each of us the most important role we need to imbue as a leader for our surroundings
Finding success in our mission!
2021 Jan 2910m 47s
Learn some timeless tips from Moshe and the Jewish people at the splitting of the sea how to elevate divine holy sparks and be there with dedication and loyalty to the people around us
Learn from the women to never lose hope!
2021 Jan 287m 56s
We see from Miriam and the Jewish women how to keep strong in dark times and to celebrate with boundless joy with resemption
When God rebuked Moses
2021 Jan 289m 39s
Profound lesson on the priorities we must make no matter how great we are!