Diff'in Strokes
  • Cheryl Diffin and Manny Fonseca
10 episodes
After suffering from a subarachnoid hemorrhage and a severe stroke a week later, Cheryl began her jouney to rehabilitation. Now over a year and a half later, she sits down every week with her co-host and caregiver, Manny, to have a frank discussion about her struggles, her successes and what she wants her new life, post-stroke, to be.


Chapter 13: Angiogram Results!
2016 Mar 2329m 45s
We’re back with the result’s of Cheryl’s angiogram. Don’t worry, I won’t bury the lead… she’s doing great! We also talk about some of the major gains Cheryl has been making in the past month or so. Gains she shouldn’t... Continue Reading →
Chapter 12: Two Years and Counting!
2016 Feb 2838m 13s
What a day! Today marks the two year anniversary of Cheryl’s hemorrhage. Two years ago, almost to the minute of this post, we were told by the neurosurgeon on duty that he doubted she would survive the next 24 hours.... Continue Reading →
Chapter 11: Post Holiday Wrap up and Checking in with Cheryl…
2016 Jan 3134m 54s
Hey everyone! We’re back. We took a little bit of a holiday hiatus in order to… well… I’ll let Cheryl tell you why when you listen to the show. Trust me, you don’t have to wait very long for her... Continue Reading →
Chapter 10: Post-Hearing Test Discussion w/ Special Guest
2015 Dec 0326m 29s
This week, Ally sits down and we chat about all of the excitement that’s been going on. Specifically about opur trip to the UC Irvine HESP Lab. Also, we have a chat about everyone’s excitement for the Holiday’s especially seeing... Continue Reading →
Chapter 9: Back From Break…
2015 Nov 1132m 6s
Hey everyone! We’re back after a short hiatus. Cheryl hasn’t been feeling very good and it definitely affected her speech. She’s much better now and still a pistol. In this chapter, we pretty much catch everyone up on her experiences... Continue Reading →
Chapter 8: Another Ear Doctor and Cheryl Passes out…
2015 Sep 2733m 47s
This week we chat about the LOOOOONG journey we’ve taken with ear doctors, only to have that journey extended even more. We also talk about Cheryl collapsing and spending the night in the E.R. You’ll hear sound logic from Cheryl... Continue Reading →
Chapter 7: Gallery Openings, Romantic Gestures and Cooking!
2015 Sep 1227m 33s
This week, Cheryl and I chat about the gallery opening and her first evening in heels in almost 2 years. We also chat about her getting back into the kitchen and Cheryl’s desire to get back into the job market. Of... Continue Reading →
Chapter 6: Cheryl Think She’s Whining…
2015 Sep 0431m 17s
This week, Cheryl and I talk about her changes in personality and her outrageous reasoning for such a drastic change. She also thinks she’s whining but you be the judge. We cover her progress on the stairs as well as... Continue Reading →
Chapter 5: Bumps, Improvements, Depression and STAIRS!
2015 Aug 2731m 39s
This week, Cheryl and I chat more about her continuous struggle with her mortal enemy… stairs. While I see the amount she’s improved, she prefers to focus on the negative… getting stuck. Cheryl tries to describe what it feels like... Continue Reading →
Chapter 4: Miss Independent… Kinda, Sorta… Not Really…
2015 Aug 2128m 32s
Greetings Everyone! This week Cheryl and I chat about her dislike for support groups and why she doesn’t want to go to them. This leads to a discussion about the level of independence that she wants to get back which is... Continue Reading →
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