• Connor
2 episodes
This is a podcast, in which the hosts: Callum and Connor talk about one of their favourite hobbies, Warhammer (hopefully without getting into any arguments)


Episode 2: Army Overview 1
2020 Aug 1625m 19s
In this episode Callum and Connor, talk about the armies that they play in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. We now have a Discord server! Join it at https://discord.gg/hWdsjDj
Episode 1: Homebrew Lore
2020 Aug 0925m 37s
We share our homemade sub-factions as a first episode, The Space Marine Chapters are The Blackscythes and The Purpura Callidus. The Tyranid faction is Hive Fleet Tempestuous, and their enemy is our homebrew Forge World The Sorrow Engineers.
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.