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Grab a glass of wine or a beverage of your choice and tune in for some great conversations with great people!


Oh, the adventures of early intervention!
2020 Jan 0843m 53s
Today I am meeting with Andrew Noguiera an SLP from New York who sub specializes in early intervention (EI). Listen as we talk, activities, materials, blurred lines, setting boundaries, and funny stories! Grab a glass and listen in!
Students' Behaviors and Attitudes
2019 Dec 1643m 28s
This episode will focus on students’ behaviors and attitudes. I am chatting it up with Monse and Ed who are two educators from Santa Maria and California while sipping a semi-sweet, semi-sparkling wine. So, pour yourself a glass of wine and prepare yourself for a great conversation and laughter.
Traveling as an SLP
2019 Dec 0933m 47s
Listen in as I converse with Ashley Salmonson a traveling SLP! We will discuss travel contract experiences, bilingual therapy and assessment, martial arts, cheese, and more!
Speech vs Language- This Misconception
2019 Nov 1530m 1s
“Oh, so you’re the SLP!” Today I am meeting with two wise and witty Speech-Language Pathologists, Jocqeela Sherman and Mesa Miller over a glass of rosé. We will discuss the differences between Speech and Language, as well as share funny stories we’ve encountered in the work place. We will provide you with information to carry with you and some laughter. I hope you enjoy! *Salud*
Meet me and why I'm here
2019 Nov 151m 31s
A brief introduction of who I am and why I’m here! To entertain you of course! Grab a glass of wine or some tea and tune into some great conversations with great people!
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