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Tending the Flame Podcast is here to provide you with the divine, feminine, spiritual, sweary, grounded content you've been craving! The aim is to make the world of spirituality accessible, relatable and funny. Join Brónach and Denise while they explore the world of "Woo Woo" through a contemporary Celtic lense.


01. Part 2 Interview with Harmony Nice on disconnecting from social media, body positivity and how she handles anger.
2021 May 0151m 38s
Harmony Nice is a Wiccan Youtuber and author of  "Wicca", a modern and definitive guides to Wicca and witchcraft. This year she released her Tarot deck "Harmony" which we adore.
01. Part 1 Interview with Harmony Nice on Wicca, mental health, social media and her love of water.
2021 Apr 171h 7m 20s
Harmony Nice is a Wiccan Youtuber and author of  "Wicca", a modern and definitive guides to Wicca and witchcraft. This year she released her Tarot deck "Harmony" which we adore.
04. Interview with Elaine Johnston on spiritual awakenings, healing modalities, angelic breath-work and how her work has changed since the pandemic.
2021 Mar 1346m 29s
Our guest on this episode is Elaine Johnston, spiritual teacher, mentor and active break work facilitator.
03. The Books and Films that Shaped Us
2021 Feb 2755m 12s
In this episode Brónach and Denise talk about the books and films that have inspired them over the years while intertwined with some personal anecdotes. They begin with Denise's psyche exploding book the "Women Who Run With the Wolves" by Clarrissa Pinkola Estés and her retelling of the story of the La Loba. Followed by Brónach's all time favourite film/book "Eat Pray Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert and her need to return to Bali. They share their experiences with existential crises and how Chris Beckett's "Dark Eden" had Denise questioning everything she every knew about history. While Brónach shares her earth shattering experience watching the 2020 film 'Soul'. Rounded off with a reflection on the 2014 film Interstellar and the deep esoteric messages it contains about our own humanity.
01. Imbolc, Saint Brighíd's Day, the coming of Spring.
2021 Jan 3041m 15s
Welcome to our first episode of 2021! We want to thank you all so much for your support and feedback in 2020 and we are so excited to be on our second season with amazing interviews lined up for over the next few weeks.
06. Christmas Special - a compilation of all our best bits from 2020
2020 Dec 2559m 18s
The end is nigh! In 2020 we've covered wellness, solstices, sacred holidays and rituals  and how much we love Practical Magic and we have packed it all into one episode, just for you!  Today's episode is a compilation of all our best bits from 2020, plus a few bloopers and extra bits that didn't make the original cuts. We will see you back here in January 2021 with a brand new schedule and exciting new content. In the meantime you can follow us on FaceBook and Instagram and if you're really enjoying the podcast, leave us a review x
05. Winter Solstice, our understandings, how we are celebrating, and a goodbye to 2020.
2020 Dec 1237m 39s
This year has felt like an eternal Winter. A constant state of hibernation, of survival, of seeking warmth and protection. As the calendar year draws to a close and we are entering the depths of the Winter season, Denise and Brónach talk about their understanding of the Winter Solstice, sacred sites on the island of Ireland that you can visit this time of year and certain rituals or practices that they themselves have practiced to beckon in the return of the light again. Please leave a review on whatever platform you listen to this podcast on, a comment or a message goes a long way! Happy listening x
04. Where we got our podcast namesake, the Goddess Brighíd, triple goddess tattoos, Pagan reformation to Irish Christianity, and a call out for Hozier to join in on our conversation?
2020 Nov 281h 47s
This week Brónach and Denise discuss their mutual love for the Celtic Goddess Brighíd, as she is one of the things they bonded over when they first met. From their love of fire to their triple goddess tattoos, they discuss Brighíd’s Pagan mythology and with a couple of anecdotes along the way discuss the Christianised version of the Saint Bridget that we have come to know more freely today. Our love of her is so strong that her myth and story has come to be the basis of our podcast name, “Tending the Flame.” The inner intuitive flame, the outer flame of the community and keeping the strong fire burning.
03. Wellness: surviving, thriving, and our experiences with taking care of ourselves.
2020 Nov 1453m 42s
These past two weeks (actually, all of them) have been hard, haven't they?