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A Radio Show delving into the works of Edgar Allen Poe


Episode V The Fall of the House of Usher
2018 Nov 0122m 9s
Dear listeners, I want to extend my most sincere gratitude. This road has not been short or easy, but here we are, at journey's end. I present, on this fateful Hallows' eve, the final tale of Edgar Allan Poe. As always...proceed with caution.-The Toaster
Episode IV The Masque of the Red Death
2018 Oct 2522m 42s
Welcome back, yet again. Tonight, I bring you the fourth and penultimate installment of my series, a horrific tale where death is inescapable. As always dear listener...proceed with caution.
Episode III The Raven
2018 Oct 1615m
Welcome back to the show! Tonight, I have a more abbreviated episode for you. The first part depicts a tragic glimpse into the personal life of our friend, Mr. Poe. We will then listen to him read what is now considered to be one of his most famous works, The Raven. As always listener...proceed with caution
Episode II The Black Cat
2018 Oct 0840m 28s
Welcome back to the show! Tonight is the 169th anniversary of the death of our dear friend, Edgar, and as such, you are in for a dastardly treat. What follows is the twisted tale of an everyday man, not much unlike you or myself, and his cat. As always...proceed with caution.
Episode I The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar
2018 Oct 0239m 40s
Welcome to our first thrilling installment! Tonight's episode details the extraordinary feat of a mesmerist who managed to postpone death itself. Our confidant, Edgar A. Poe, transcribed these findings for us. As we embark, remember...proceed with caution.
Welcome to the Show!
2018 Sep 291m 16s
Hello, one and all! Welcome to something truly terrifying. We are thrilled to announce the publication of the first episode of our 5-part mini-series dedicated to the illustrious and gothic works of Edgar Allan Poe. The first episode will air October 1st, promptly at 8 pm eastern time, just after sunset. Invite your friends, invite your lovers, you will not want to miss it.
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