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Great Apps for your Smartphone
2021 Apr 2111m 55s
Useful apps that can be added to your phone to manage your life better, be more effective and be happy.
Covid Vaccine moving beyond the pandemic!
2021 Mar 215m 32s
The vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson offer great hope of returning life to normal
Random Acts of Kindness is good for you!
2021 Mar 0412m
Health Benefits for Random Acts of Kindness. Also ideas for Random Acts of Kindness!
Our Deepest Fear- Let your Light shine!
2021 Mar 044m 6s
I explore our creativity and uniqueness and read poem by Marianne Williamson Our Deepest Fear!
Censorship ruining America!
2021 Feb 248m 9s
Efforts by Large corporations and Government to censor conservative and independent thought on internet and cable outlets.
Tribute to Rush and State of the Union
2021 Feb 1911m 10s
Rush, Republican Civil WarAnd Bill Gates on Status of Social media
Free Speech under Attack by Big Tech
2021 Jan 2015m 38s
Countless American censored by Facebook and Twitter and Others
New Beginnings!
2021 Jan 134m 44s
If we hold to Hope, Faith, and Love we can make it through trying times.
Review of Movie Honest Thief with Liam Neeson
2020 Dec 209m 32s
Discuss movie Honest Thief, Album by Paul McCarthy McCarthy 3 and round up of this weeks major news.