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Come for the vibes, stick around For The Banter. On this podcast Jesse and Sam largely parody the podcast format with aforementioned banter, along with some lively sports takes. Also, check us out on YouTube! (Link at the Top)


Episode 8: Coast to Coast Banter ft. Paul Tricarico: Coastal Problems Big Boards, Life After College
2021 Apr 121h 29m 43s
We are BACK after life caused a bit of a hiatus, but there's no rust on the Banter. We intro this week before jumping into some headlines (00:00:00-00:17:41). We then examine East vs West coast problems in the format of the familiar Big Board (00:17:41-00:35:24). Then our special guest Paul stops by for some lively banter including some unholy public incident talk (00:35:24-00:51:10), the future of visual media (00:52:10- 01:08:35) and life after college (01:08:35-end). We hope you enjoy and, as always, thank you.
Episode 7: New Season New Banter: Buzzkill Big Board, Headline Rundown ft. Nick
2021 Feb 221h 6m 15s
We are back with Season 2 content! In this episode we debut a new intro song (courtesy of Orfeo Jackson) before jumping into our headlines for the day (00:00:00-00:16:45). We then unveil the prestigious Buzzkill Big Board (00:16:45-00:32:15) before our spot with special guest Nick (00:32:15-end) where we break down the infancy of Clubhouse and Adam Sandler's greatest hits, among other topics.  We hope you enjoy and as always, thank you.
BONUS BANTER: Stock Market Frenzy Panel
2021 Jan 3030m 57s
Surprise! It's a bonus episode of For The Banter, where we bring in a full panel (Billy, Ryan, and Nick) to discuss the ongoings of the stock market the past few weeks.  Topics include the Reddit origins of Gamestop trading, Vlad being the worst, Sam's beloved Steve Cohen, meme stocks in general and much more.  Hope you enjoy and as always, thank you.
Episode 6: 2020 Year In Review Awards: New Year's Resolution Big Board, Best Banter Award
2021 Jan 071h 48m 15s
For our first episode of 2021 we are taking a look back at everyones least favorite year, 2020! We start off with the open and the New Year's Resolution Big Board (00:00:00-00:10:34) before coming at you with our 2020 Awards Including: -Bryce Hall Award for Top Male TikToker (00:10:34-00:17:45)-Fakest Season Award ft. Matt Curry (00:17:45-00:40:50)-Podcasters of the Year (00:40:50-00:49:12)-Worst Beat/Most Painful Sports Moment (00:49:12-00:56:54)-Fraud of the Year (00:56:54-01:09:58)-Social Media Takeover Award (01:09:58-01:17:30)-GOAT of the Year ft. Dave Quinn (01:17:30-01:33:15)-Best Banter 2020 (01:33:15-end)Hope you enjoy and, as always, thank you.
Episode 5: Nostalgia Inducing Banter- Child Star Big Board, Trip Down Memory Lane
2020 Dec 151h 41m 9s
The boys are back and coming at you with the fifth installment of For The Banter.  In this episode, we open up with a dramatic reading for a fallen soldier followed by our headlines for the episode (00:00:00-00:17:54).  We then pull up our electric child star big board full of controversial choices (00:17:54-00:44:29).  Then our nostalgia expert Jason joins the program to give an in depth look at cult classics such as Cradle 2 The Grave and the Tony Hawk episode of Rocket Power, as well as a dissection of medium budget movies and cartoons in the modern day (00:44:29-01:38:45) before closing you out. We appreciate the listen and, as always, thank you.
Episode 4: Strictly Banter: American Pastime Big Board, Brain Talk w/ Sammy Peachey
2020 Nov 091h 7m 29s
We are back again with our fourth installment of For The Banter.  In this episode, we open up with some headlines detailing a big transfer of power in the country, election memes, TikTok and DailyMail news (00:00:00-00:12:10). We then discuss our American Pastime Big Board (00:12:10-00:26:25), before having a little Brain Talk with our special guest and resident FTB therapist Sammy Peachey.  Topics include addictions (00:26:25-00:41:10), celebrity analysis (00:41:10-00:58:05), and seasonal depression (00:58:05-01:04:18), before closing you out.  Hope you enjoy and thank you as always!
Episode 3: Disclaimer- Completely Unhinged: Boomer Take Big Board, Hot Take Shark Tank
2020 Oct 191h 35m 10s
Things come off the rails in the third installment of For The Banter, live from the mountains. In this episode, we go through the most recent headlines going on the world (00:00:00 - 00:18:52) with special guest Brian.  We then bring in DJ to tackle the Boomer Take Big Board (00:18:52 - 00:40:52), which leads into a game of Hot Take Shark Tank, where we are joined by Mark to review and/or invest in takes that are pitched to us.  Takes are centered around soccer in America (00:40:52 - 01:04:28), pitched by Curry and Yota, the future of football (01:04:28 - 01:16:38), pitched by Eric T, and China taking over the world (01:16:38 - 01:32:06), pitched by Blaine, before closing you out.  This episode is completely unhinged and we hope you enjoy the ride!
Episode 2: Back and Better
2020 Sep 211h 14m 50s
Not only are we back, but we are better! Joe from Massapequa opens us up with some of his thoughts as we start this episode (00:00:00 - 00:03:26) before going in on some headlines (00:03:26 - 00:13:44), unveiling our Jewish Icon Big Board (00:13:44 - 00:25:00), and then doing some hot button debates with special guest Blaine Lafferty. Debate topics include the ethics (00:25:00 - 00:33:08), college athletics (00:33:08 - 00:40:18), golf (00:40:18 - 00:44:59), life (featuring a surprise guest caller) (00:44:59 - 00:51:27), Wawa (00:51:27 - 00:57:36), and podcasters (00:57:36 - 01:11:46), before closing you out. Hope you enjoy! Thank you.
The Inaugural Episode
2020 Sep 081h 25m 7s
The Inaugural episode is here! In this episode, Sam and Jesse tell you what were all about followed by some headlines (00:00:00 - 00:11:10), unveil the COVID 19 buzzword big board (00:11:10 - 00:20:33), preview the 2020 NFL Season with special guest Matt Curry (including storylines we're watching (00:20:33 - 00:31:55), division previews (00:31:55 - 01:12:10), and first week picks (01:12:10 - 01:23:48) ), and then sign you off. Come for the vibes, stick around For The Banter!