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Like most with opinions but different adding that endangered species called facts. Filter nope, pc nope,whining nope, proud white irish guy yep. If you like your blinders and your concept of the world around you is marshmallows and unicorns i will either offend you or wake you up. Of course we need a whole lot of people to wake up so that's a good thing. However if your easily offended and get butt hurt over all the non pc truth out there go back to fantasy island. I'm not for you and thats my disclaimer and warning im real and you know what your getting. That said let's take some shit back.☘☘ Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/azzkikr13/support


☘Explain this to me like I'm a 12year old☘
2020 Dec 0816m 28s
Just some random common sense thoughts.
Is there anybody in there??
2020 Dec 0230m 46s
First steps to get real America back.
Life Sucks get a helmet
2020 Sep 2813m 59s
First hello to other fed up people who have White Pride but are shit on for it. Opinions, Facts , Politically incorrect and proud of it. No filter and no blinders lets be real and make some changes with truth not Democratic Whining and Fake News BS.
2020 Sep 2735s
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