Dog Walking Incorporated
  • Rob Colquhoun
4 episodes
A resource for dog walkers and small business owners using a free flowing conversational style with Rob Colquhoun, owner of a dog walking business in Toronto Ontario.Listen to Rob as he stumbles his way with words interviewing people much smarter than him. He legit thinks he's funny.


Entrepreneurship with Dan Reitman
2020 Jun 121h 22m 25s
Dan Reitman owns and operates a dog walking and pet sitting business in Long Island, New York and has over 2000 clients. He's also sold a restaurant technology company, has a few other partnerships, a charity (Hope For Hope) and just can't stop moving. This man is enjoying life and rippin' it. Rob and Dan discuss Covid life and the Black Lives Matter movement, entrepreneurship and dog walking.
Indoor Dog Park with Becki Lee Poulin
2020 Jun 0551m 50s
Becki joins Rob and shares her vision for an indoor dog park. Becki owns a dog walking business called Unleashed in London, in London Ontario, and brings positivity and joy into her words. They discuss various dog walking topics, and touch on the mental health difficulties to exist in this covid era.
SEO & Google with Bryan Strasberg
2020 May 281h 32s
Bryan Strasberg owns a small business in Canada called Inline with Online, where he helps small business rank on Google's first page. Bryan and Rob chat about dog walking, kids, covid, what they heck was going on at Trinity Bellwoods in Toronto Ontario, and then the two discuss what small businesses and dog walkers can do to rank well with Google.
001 Dog Walking with Dan Ballarino
2020 May 231h 2m 19s
Rob is joined with Dan Ballarino who owns Social Tails in Toronto Canada. They discuss their favourite covid activities, podcasts, Netflix's Last Dance, and of course various aspects of starting a dog walking business.