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A look at life in today's world from the vantage point of two 30-somethings. We discuss everything from the hard topics and taboo conversations to the crazy fashion trends from our childhood, sexuality, relationships and everything in between! Though we are speaking through the lens of our female experience, this podcast is made for everyone. We are forever learners hoping to ignite conversations on important topics surrounding all of us.


Surprising Facts About The Clitoris
2021 May 0536m 4s
Did you know that there is an entire week dedicated to clitoris awareness? To help celebrate this beautiful and often overlooked body part, we decided to collect some interesting facts about the clitoris to share with all of you! We cover a wide range of topics from serious to surprising because knowledge truly is power and everyone can benefit from learning a little bit more about the clitoris. Also, we started an instagram page! Find us on IG: @myovariesmademedoit and let us know which fact surprised you the most!
Let's Talk Periods: Sustainable Products, Period Poverty, Period Sex & Health
2021 Apr 2351m 51s
What better way to celebrate National Vagina Appreciation Day than to have a discussion about periods? Today we're talking about how the industry is working towards sustainability in the products we use and how this could have an impact on those who experience period poverty. We also delve into the ridiculous world of the Pink Tax, share our experience in menstruating for two decades and break down some important health facts we've learned along the way. Regardless of if you are a menstruater or not, join us for an interesting discussion and help us normalize talking about a normal thing that happens once a month.
Socially Unacceptable Things That Should Be Normalized, Part 2.
2021 Apr 0646m 58s
If you haven't checked out our first part of this episode, make sure to head over to our episodes section and listen to that as well! Today we're continuing our discussion surrounding Buzzfeed's article listing 35 socially unacceptable things that should be normalized by society.  The topics covered in this episode include everything from moving back in with your parents, not having to explain your decisions, and telling your friends "I Love You" to having tattoos in the workplace and passing gas in public. Hear our takes on these interesting topics and join us for the conversation by tweeting at us your thoughts: @myovariesmademe.
How the Media is Failing Women, a retrospective on Framing Britney Spears
2021 Mar 0449m 34s
Like many of you, we grew up in the era of Britney Spears and the overly sexualized pop-stars and overbearing media. With the release of New York Times' recent documentary, Framing Britney Spears, about the events that went down from the beginning of Britney's rise to fame, through her eventual break down and conservatorship, we recount our memories at the time and how they have changed since then. We also discuss other interviews from this era that have since resurfaced regarding women in Hollywood and the intrusive and inappropriate questions they were asked, along with the repulsive way our society/the media victim blamed, victim shamed or blatantly allowed the sexual harassments of women on screen. We share some of our own experiences dealing with this topic growing up, and our hopes for future generations both in society and in the media.
Is the objectification of women's bodies in Western culture a form of oppression? Cuties Series- Part 4
2021 Feb 2531m 56s
Today we wrap up our four-part series on Cuties with an important quote from director Maïmouna Doucouré asking, what she considers to be the real question of this film: "Can we, as women, truly choose who we want to be beyond the role models that are imposed upon us by society?" We discuss this topic as well as another important observation by the director: "Isn't the objectification of women's bodies that we often see in the western culture just another form of oppression?". With so many stories resurfacing recently about how the media has failed our young women over the past years, now is the time to hold a mirror up to society and ourselves and really question what we're accepting as societal norms when it comes to our young women and men. To hear the full original Netflix interview click here. As always, we love to hear your input, connect with us on twitter @myovariesmademe.
The affects of sexuality in social media from a Psychologist's perspective, Cuties Series Part 3.
2021 Feb 121h 1m 49s
Today we continue our series surrounding the Netflix film, Cuties, this time asking a specialist in the field of psychology, sexuality and adolescence, Dr. Nicole Agresto, on her take of how social media and the portrayal of sexuality in the media is impacting the youth of today. She shares her in-depth knowledge of the psychology behind how our personal phones have a massive effect on how we interact with the world, the positive and negative aspects of having sex and sexuality so accessible in our media, as well as the importance of fostering a healthy mindset of self worth not only for our children, but  also for ourselves. While this may be most relatable to parents, anyone can take away something useful from this informative discussion. A big thank you to our guest, Dr. Nicole Agresto, for taking the time to share her thoughts and helpful tips with our listeners.
There is no "one size fits all" checklist in life- a discussion inspired by First Blush
2021 Feb 0312m 31s
Today we're discussing the idea that despite having specific milestones society expects us to reach by our 20's, 30's, 40's etc. it is okay to make different choices. Sometimes we have to make the brave choice of diverging from the path in order to find our own happiness. This conversation is inspired by the newly released independent film First Blush, which focuses on the ups and downs of relationships and how opening your heart to love can be equally amazing and brutal. Want to learn more? Check out my spoiler-free review of the film here.
Socially Unacceptable Things That Should Be Normalized, according to Buzzfeed
2021 Jan 271h 8m 36s
We are taking a short break from our Cuties series to discuss an article we came across from Buzzfeed which lists many things that should be more normalized in everyday life. And honestly, we agree. In this episode we tackle the first 12, covering everything from women with body hair and normalizing periods to virginity, STD’s and heading to the movies solo. We had so many thoughts on just these first few topics, so join us for the conversation and let us know which one you agree with most! Click here to check out the full Buzzfeed article. We'll definitely be covering the rest of this list soon!
Cuties Series- Part 2- A Parent's take on today's society and sexuality
2021 Jan 2146m 49s
Our deep dive into the Cuties movie in part 1 of this series opened up the conversation to discuss a more general topic of today's media exposure from a parents perspective. Is society overly sexualized? Are there other areas in which youths are being exposed to overtly suggestive imagery? How early is too early to start talking to children about the reproduction process, gender identity, puberty, and many other topics surrounding their own bodies and how they choose to express themselves.  Of course we don't have all the answers,  but we're simply starting the conversation and we hope you continue it.  A special thank you to our guest parent for this episode, Christine. She gets very personal and realistic about how she and her husband are handling all of these topics and more.
Cuties Series- Part 1- Movie Review and Netflix drama
2021 Jan 1437m 6s
Hello 2021! We're back with a four part series where we are covering the highly talked about and controversial international film Cuties, directed by Maïmouna Doucouré. In this episode we are sharing our thoughts on the Netflix film that has caused quite a stir the past few months. We discuss everything from the themes and chorography to the changes in family dynamics and how adolescence today is drastically different from what we encountered when we were pre-teens. Did we find this movie to be as provocative as some of its harshest critics or did we find the message to be one that is relatable and timeless? Join us for the conversation and of course share your thoughts with us on twitter @myovariesmademe. Stay tuned for our next episode where we sit down with a parent to get their perspective on what it's like for children to be growing up in a world consumed with social media and technology.