The VAHPERD Podcast
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Hey there! Join us as we dive into today's latest topics surrounding the health and physical education profession. On our podcast, you can listen to the interviews of Virginia's top HPE teachers, leaders, and the network of individuals committed to providing quality HPE to the students of Virginia. Are you a teacher, student, or parent who is interested in the future of health and physical education? Then this is where you need to be! This podcast is brought to you by Jenna McMahon and Rob Lauser of the Virginia Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance. Support this podcast:


Stepping into leadership: VAHPERD Executive Director Mike Maina
2020 Oct 0948m 35s
Rob and Mike get to know each other as they dive into Mike's physical education and professional history as well as hobbies and goal for the future of VAHPERD.
Rob's Senior Assignment with Christina Arnold: Physical Activity throughout a lifespan
2020 Oct 0141m 51s
This episode is unique. Rob interviews a good friend and member of his CrossFit gym in VA Beach, Christina Arnold. Christina is in her late 60's and very active. Rob and Christina discuss what physical activity looked like throughout her lifespan from high school and before all the way up to today.
The Special Olympics Virginia: Sean Monahan
2020 Sep 0933m 36s
Rob and Sean discuss the resources and programs within the Special Olympics Virginia like Unified Sports, Unified PE, and how the organization is working to promote inclusivity within the health and physical education community.
Health Moves Minds: Michelle Carter
2020 Sep 0249m 33s
Rob and Michelle discuss SHAPE America's new program (Health Moves Minds) and how the national organization is providing resources to physical educators to better serve their students and communities.
The CMO Cadre: Lei Dunn
2020 Jul 2347m 14s
Rob and Lei discuss the WHO, WHAT, and WHY of the CMO (Chief Movement Officer) Cadre and how PE teachers can help develop a culture of movement within their schools.
Integrating STEM into the Gym: Eric Turrill
2020 Jun 2940m 29s
Rob and Eric talk about what STEM is and how teachers can integrate other subjects into the gym.
Opportunities for All Through Unified Physical Education: Jillian Lauer
2020 Jun 2338m 14s
Rob and Jillian talk about what Unified Physical Education is and how the curriculum can be adopted in schools to help foster opportunities for students with and without disabilities.
You’re already integrating SELs: Jenn Vedder
2020 Jun 121h 16m 29s
Rob and Jenn talk about what SELs are and how if you’re teaching quality HPE, you’re already integrating them into your classroom.
The Value of Twitter: Jason Runk
2020 Jun 0953m 45s
Jenna and Jason explain how Twitter can be used as a resource for HPE professionals seeking to find or share content for their classroom as well as what the CMO Cadre is looking to bring to the future of education.
Pedagogy, Health, and OPEP: Summer Davis
2020 Jun 0454m 33s
Jenna and Summer reflect on how Summer got her start in HPE and her role within the VAHPERD organization.