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Come listen to Nateo • and I ramble for almost an hour! (I promise you'll enjoy it)


Season Finale
2020 Nov 1836m 50s
We'll be back in January. Thank you for a great first season :)
Hammock Sessions
2020 Oct 3156m 46s
We brought the podcast outside with a dookie mic through some headphones. Probably won't be a permanent feature, but it was really relaxing lol. Hope you enjoy it for what it is :)
Evening Vibes
2020 Oct 2148m 10s
"nah I'm looking to ram the shit outta her"
Late Nights (Part 2)
2020 Oct 2127m 46s
Shooting the shit with Zion while I use tissue paper as a napkin because it was in my hand and my allergies were being a bitch ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Late Nights (Part 1)
2020 Oct 2130m 30s
Shooting the shit with our featured guest Zion and Nat's TikTok Live :)
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2020 Sep 261h 2m 4s
Five people dick around for over an hour this time. Fun. Come chill with us lol
2020 Sep 0952m 21s
Crackhead energy for a little under an hour. Enjoy ;)
2020 Sep 0153m 57s
In this episode Nat and I sit down with Phocus to discuss different topics ranging from the greediness of the 1% to our love and drive for music. Plain and simple. Enjoy ;)
What Is It Like To Be An Aspiring Artist?
2020 Aug 1653m 13s
In our first Episode, Nateo • and I (Joey DaVinci) talk about what it's like to operate in the music industry as an independent artist, along with information about ourselves and plans for the future. In this series, we'll have plans to change up the topic every time a new episode airs while inviting friends, family, and fans onto the podcast to discuss whatever they want! It can be any topic trivial or large in scale. We just ask that you be respectful and bring positive vibes. If you'd like to reach out to us, You can do so on Instagram @therealblankpodcast, or email me personally at sneakers1027@gmail.com (don't come at me I made that when I was 12). We hope you enjoy the episode and stick around to be a part of the growing family. Let's make waves together - J.D.V.
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