SoulMath Numerology Podcast
4 episodes
Numerology, Spirituality, Current Events, and more! Your host, Krista Terry, will share from her extensive numerology background and give readings on current events, key people in the world, and more. Occasionally, there will be interviews.


Presidential Candidate Joe Biden's Numerology chart
2020 Oct 0617m 34s
The best and worst case scenarios as to how Biden could be as a President.
Rosa McGowan... C$A?
2020 Sep 057m 52s
Has Rose McGowan really been a member of a certain three letter organization that starts with C? Let's see if that is plausible, via her numerology chart. If you would like a reading for yourself, visit
SoulMath Podcast Episode 1- Donald J. Trump
2020 Aug 1313m 29s
Numerology reading of President Donald J. Trump, and my prediction for the 2020 election. For your own personal numerology reading:
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