To Be Honest
  • Adaego
6 episodes
Everything about law, life, love, fashion, finances, religion. Honestly.


You Really Should Be Shameless
2021 Mar 0321m 36s
If you were looking for a sign to wild out, this is it...
The Episode About Yours Truly
2021 Jan 2310m 52s
I settle down and discuss myself, my life, money, men, friends while also answering your questions. Enjoy!
The Friendzone Episode
2021 Jan 0718m 10s
I and my long time friend discuss friendzoning, why people get friend zoned, our friendzoning experience and whether or not it is a
Judge A Book By Its Cover?
2020 Dec 3011m 55s
I and Miss Fiyin discuss our preferences: looks over personality? In addition to being vain, we talk EndSars, Nigerian parents and “God when?!”
Heartbreak Hotel
2020 Nov 1626m 10s
In today’s episode, I and my friend meet up and discuss why some of you are single, whether or not the concept of love makes any sense and heartbreaks in general. Enjoy!
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