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Tina Shah is a Speaker, Executive and Corporate Trainer and Personal and Professional Leadership Coach


3 Steps to be Procrastination Free
2020 Jun 088m 47s
All of us suffer from procrastination in one way or the other. As a teenager, you also do a master's in procrastination and you carry it along with you in your business or job which can be self limiting. Here are 3 simple steps for you to be procrastination free.
Kanye and Trump are my role models for craziness
2020 Apr 305m 38s
Craziness breeds creativity and we could definitely use some of that craziness from Kanye and Trump.
DTMUN - A dream that turned into Realty
2019 Dec 224m 56s
As we celebrate our 5th Year Anniversary, we have a message for our extended family directly from our President, Tina Shah.
Your Light Bulb Moments
2019 Oct 3114m 52s
Each one of us have a set of things we can do better than anyone else and in those things is where our talent lies. When you look close enough and find it, that is YOUR LIGHT BULB MOMENT.
Do You Consider Your Life To Be A Miracle
2019 Oct 2922m 44s
Live life through Gratitude
Roots, Gratitude and a Magnificent Life
2019 Oct 1220m 54s
Your Roots and Value system teaches you Gratitude that lays down the foundation for a Magnificent Life.
Fears And Failures
2019 Oct 0911m 51s
Don’t fear failures, chase progress instead of perfection.
The Self-Love Trap. From self-respect to setting boundaries, a discussion on how to become confident and clear in all areas of your life
2019 Sep 168m 51s
Is self-love empowerment or has it become an entitlement, excuse or enabling? Self-respect and self-esteem are two cornerstones for clarity and confidence in a successful life.
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