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Billy Masters LIVE is a biweekly chat show (Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3PM Eastern / Noon Pacific) hosted by comedian and columnist Billy Masters.


Billy Masters LIVE (S02E06) - 3-25-21 - Christopher Atkins
2021 Mar 251h 48m 20s
Billy Masters LIVE (S02E06) - 3-25-21 - Billy spends 90 minutes with his pal, the iconic Christopher Atkins.  Their chat includes a pretty extensive overview of his acting career, his work as a model, what its like to pose nude and be objectified as a male, and what's coming next. You can watch this episode at:
Billy Masters LIVE (S02E06) - 3-18-21 - Martha Wash and Jeanie Tracy
2021 Mar 181h 31m 56s
Billy Masters LIVE (S02E06) - 3-18-21 - In this episode, Billy welcomes two of his favorite singers.  First up is the magnificent Martha Wash - the voice behind The Weather Girls, Two Tons O' Fun, Black Box, C&C Music Factory, and made sure you knew who was really singing.  Then we have Jeanie Tracy, who also started with Martha backing Sylvester and went on to acclaim on "Star Search" and the dancefloor.  Get ready to dance!
Billy Masters LIVE (S02E05) - 3-11-21 - Gabbi Tuft, Rick & Griff Twombley-King
2021 Mar 111h 34m 46s
Billy Masters LIVE (S02E05) - 3-11-21 - Ripped from the headlines, Billy sits down with Gabbi Tuft, who was previously WWE superstar Tyler Reks, along with OnlyFans superstars Rick & Griff Twombley-King.  And, happily, the show was co-hosted with NECN contributor Sue O'Connell
Billy Masters LIVE (S02E04) - 03-04-21 - Renée Taylor, Lainie Kazan and Gabriel Bologna for "Tango Shalom"
2021 Mar 041h 43m 21s
Billy Masters LIVE (S02E04) - 03-04-21 - Renée Taylor - Billy sits down with the effervescent Renée Taylor. They'll talk about her many performance on film, television and stage, her marriage to Joe Bologna, and her many co-stars. We'll also be joined by her son, Gabriel Bologna, to talk about his new film "Tango Shalom" - which also stars his mom.  And, as a special treat, our good friend - and "Tango Shalom" co-star - Lainie Kazan drops in to talk about her experience on the film and her long friendship with Renée and the entire family!! You can watch this episode at:
Billy Masters LIVE (S02E03) - 2-18-21 - Eric Roberts with special guest Sherri Shepherd
2021 Feb 181h 47m 15s
Billy Masters LIVE (S02E03) - 2-18-21 - Billy and his favorite co-host, NECN contributor Sue O'Connell, sit down with the amazing Eric Roberts to discuss his lengthy and varied career.  In addition to being joined by his wife, Eliza, they were all surprised by a special appearance by Sherri Shepherd - who co-starred with Eric on "Less Than Perfect".  A fascinating in depth look at one our most talented and prolific actors. You can watch this episode at:
Billy Masters LIVE (S02E02) - 2-16-21 - Tribute to Mary Wilson
2021 Feb 162h 18m 45s
Billy Masters LIVE (S02E02) - 2-16-21 - Tribute to Mary Wilson - Celebrating the life of Mary Wilson, a founding member of the Supremes.  We are joined by some of her friends - another former Supreme, Scherrie Payne, along with her sister, singer and one of Mary's close Freda Payne.  Also we'll have Sheryl Lee Ralph from the Broadway production of "Dreamgirls", Ruth Pointer of "The Pointer Sisters", and the acclaimed Darlene Love.  Plus, biographers Mark Bego and James Gavin along with producers Andy Skurow and George Solomon. You can watch this episode at:
Billy Masters LIVE (S02E01) - 2-11-21 - Melissa Manchester
2021 Feb 111h 19m 20s
Billy Masters LIVE (S02E01) - 2-11-21 - Billy kicks off his second season with one of his favorite singers of all time - Melissa Manchester.  They'll talk about her roots, her beginnings with Barry Manilow and Bette Midler, and her phenomenal solo success as a singer and actress.  What's coming up for Melissa and how is she reinventing herself - and giving back?  Listen in as she talks about her past...and her future.
Billy Masters LIVE (S01E75) - 12-29-20 - The Year In Review
2020 Dec 291h 46m 29s
Billy Masters LIVE (S01E75) - 12-29-20 - Billy takes a little time to enjoy looking back at the year that was.  The highs, the lows, the ups, the downs.  He's joined by some of his first guests, his most frequent guest, and some peeks behind the scenes at Billy Masters LIVE!
Billy Masters LIVE (S01E74) - 12-24-20 - Dennis Hensley from You Don't Know My Life
2020 Dec 2451m 39s
Billy Masters LIVE (S01E74) - 12-24-20 - After talking with Taylor Dayne on a recent show, Billy invited his friend Dennis Hensley to come on and talk about his great game, "You Don't Know My Life".  We decided to turn that discussion into its own episode.  On the episode, Billy reveals some juicy stories - including some tidbits about his night with George Michael (during the WHAM days).  Tune in to join in the fun! You can watch this episode at:
Billy Masters LIVE (S01E73) - 12-22-20 - The Great Taylor Dayne
2020 Dec 221h 9m 50s
Billy Masters LIVE (S01E73) - 12-22-20 - There are singers, and then there's Taylor Dayne - one of the most powerful and distinctive voices around.  And she's sitting down with Billy for a special pre-Christmas episode.  Although she doesn't do much sitting around.  She's cleaning, doing her hair and make-up, calling to let her boyfriend in, introducing us to her son, etc.  But she also does get real about her physical ailments as a child, dispels some urban legends about her career, her relationship with her "peers", and her future plans.  It's a crazy, freewheeling show - you won't want want to miss it! You can watch this episode on: