• Jairus
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This podcast is gonna be about chess. If you are new to chess and you want to improve your rating and achieve titles...this is the right place


World chess champions
2020 Jul 184m 45s
There are a lot of players who have played chess and have reached heights...but only a few achieved World Chess Championship Title. In this episode we will be hearing about all those world chess champions and their life...this is part-1.
Opening Principles
2020 Jul 143m 46s
Just to make sure you play like a professional chess player...go through this podcast with a chess board with you...after hearing this podcast you will be able to play chess effectively...thankyou
2020 Jul 131m 39s
Hello friends...this is going to be the introduction of this channel...and we will be publishing 2 episodes per week...so stay tuned for more
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