The GLITCH Factor
  • N. Swan
2 episodes
Let's converse on this thang, we call "Life". Specifically speaking on purpose, motivations, inspirations. We will talk about it all.. Join me in being apart of the disruption to becoming true in the walk of Consideration. The (Glitch) Factor, (Godly Love Infinitely Through Considerate Holiness) (Go Live Increased Through Considerate Holiness) We are here to cause a disruption in the normalization process going on out here in the world today. It's time.. It's time..


2020 Apr 138m 32s
Wow. Just wanted you all to get some of what the holy spirit gave to me on today about what COVID-19 really means for us.
The Glitch Factor
2020 Apr 1358s
To introduce the mindset of Considering all things.
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