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DJ Fernando G talks to renowned DJs from across the nation, who are now are producers, remixers, business owners and more. All discussing how they got started in the biz and what it took to get them where they are today. This is an educational platform for DJs who are just starting off, and for those that have been in the game for awhile, but looking to up their game.


DJ 2 DJ Presents DJ Laz
2021 Feb 1250m 11s
This man had us all dancing to his first Miami Freestyle hit, "Mami El Negro". Then he created a mother club anthem that had us going crazy with his second smash club hit, Move , Shake , Drop, where he performed alongside Pitbull. DJ Laz had been a pioneer in the DJ, remixing and producing world. Today you will find out how he got started, how he had to overcome physical challenges and how he became Miami's number one radio personality and DJ.
DJ 2 DJ presents DJ Eddie One
2021 Feb 0439m 55s
DJ Eddie One has been a staple DJ on Los Angeles radio airwaves for many years now. Most recently he accomplished his dream , by becoming the Program Director for Cali 93.9. This is his story and how he got there.
D 2 DJ - Richard Vission
2021 Jan 2955m 27s
I know many DJs. But this man has to be by far one of the most talented ones I know. I was lucky enough to be there at the very beginning to see him grow into the talent he is today. Richard and I grew up in Highland Park, CA. We would go to each others house and talk about Doing. We did house parties together, clubs, and had great times growing up around great DJs. Today, he is one of the most sought after DJs in the world. It is so great to be able to catch up and share the memories together.
DJ 2 DJ presents Michael Trance
2020 Dec 221h 2m 30s
There have been many DJs that have made a name for themselves and have worked hard to reach their goals. Michael Trance is one of those DJs that has focused and worked hard to get to where he is today. Find out how he started his career as a DJ and worked his way to being a successful music producer and remixer.
DJ 2 DJ presents DJ Juanito
2020 Dec 0748m 46s
Please excuse the Drop In Signal at Times!
DJ 2 DJ w/ DJ Fernando G presents Pebo Rodriguez
2020 Dec 0244m 42s
It was such a huge honor to be able to talk with a legend today. Pebo Rodriguez is a pioneer of the art of Doing. From his nightclub days, to working behind the scenes producing artists, running a record label, to being part of the group Stop and performing their #1 Dance Hit, Wake Up. Pebo is an all around talent that continues to entertain to this day.
DJ 2 DJ Podcast Episode 2 - AJ Mora , From DJ to Producer
2020 Nov 0953m 42s
In this episode of DJ 2 DJ with DJ Fernando G, he talks to his long time friend and renowned DJ, Producer, Remixer and songwriter, AJ Mora. They go back to the beginning of how he discovered the art of DJing and how he slowly began to transition into the producer he is today. Its great conversation that will enlighten DJs who are just getting started and who have the drive to succeed as well as for those who are looking to up their game in the biz and take their talents to new heights .
DJ 2 DJ - Episode 1 - DJ Joe MD
2020 Nov 0954m 23s
In this episode , I speak to DJ Joe MD. His innovations in his early days of Doing, inspired many to up their game. From building his own trussing to elevate his speakers, to building his own lighting, Joe MD was a true creative DJ. Find out how it all happened and what it took to get to where he is today.
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