Simply You
  • Fadzai Nyamuzihwa
4 episodes
Understanding this life together. Possibly you are tired of running around, you might have given up on your belief and you want to understand God. It's simply you, just a candid look at your walk in life with God.


"I" deceived me
2021 Feb 115m 30s
Sometimes we tend to push God at the back and we put ourselves in the front.
Open your eyes, you can still be analytical as a Christian
2020 Nov 158m 2s
We should not accept everything that is said or done when you can see that its wrong. It is alright as a Christian to be analytical
Why is this happening to me
2020 Oct 165m 59s
Ever wondered why things are not going the way they should be despite your belief and stand in God. This is what is explored in this episode.
Introduction to Simply You Podcast
2020 Oct 164m 3s
An introduction to the podcast