• Penelope Sanyu
17 episodes
This podcast focuses on “playfulness”.  The main theme of the podcast is relationships and the underlying constant is how playful as humans we must get with our God , our work , our finances, our people ( those we relate with) and our spaces or the places we occupy from time to time  and the impact of that kind of lifestyle whether positive or negative.


The Art of Money Part 2 with Mr. Hannington Musinguzi
2020 Dec 2536m 8s
How well are you managing your finances ?
The Art of Money Part 1 with Musinguzi Hannington
2020 Dec 1851m 40s
How do you behave when you get some Ka money ? Do you think people owe you help? How are you planning on chopping your money this festive season ?
The Art of God Vibe with Ms. Diana Angwech
2020 Dec 1754m 21s
Do you ever find yourself fighting with God and nit wanting the devil either ? Do you know your purpose ? Find out from Diana’s story how yiu can get back up after hitting rock bottom
The art of God vibe with Ps. Doreen Muhereza
2020 Dec 0427m 32s
Purpose is one of the mysteries we struggle to unfold. Our lives , our work , the choices we make, are they ordained by God ? Are we fulfilling the purpose fir which we were created and placed where we are ?
2020 Nov 2745m 36s
Do you know God ? Do you use every opportunity at your disposal to make him known ? Is your relationship with him evident in your words , deeds and thoughts or you can explain ? Join Mr. Robert Kirunda as He shares his God story . Learn , be inspired go out and live !
2020 Nov 2032m 38s
Do you know God? Are you making him Manifest at every opportunity availed to you?
The art of spaces : Travel perspective
2020 Nov 1642m 12s
Travel is one of the least explored spaces by many people . Either it’s one excuse after another( time , kids , money etc ) or it’s just sheer lack of interest . This episode seeks to make you fall in love with travel and hopefully by the end of the show , you will be inspired to explore the travel space, to play a little with your money and time but also live a little by experiencing new things and places .
The Art of Spaces : Moderating Panels and Conversations with Maria and Eshban
2020 Nov 0632m 26s
Do you sometimes watch people facilitating a meeting or moderating a panel and think to yourself , how flawless ? How did they prepare? What questions do they know to ask? How do they keep the peace? How do they get the most out of the panelists? If these are some of the questions you may be pondering, We got you! In this episode, my friends Maria and Eshban explore with us the art of moderating panels. Let’s be inspired , let’s play , let’s live !
The Art Of Spaces : Mind space with Isabella Akiteng
2020 Oct 301h 44m 32s
The mind is a space where we create, build, and innovate. How often do we stop to care and love on our minds ?
The Art Of Spaces : Events Management and Wedding planning
2020 Oct 2436m 36s
Many times we don’t know how to plan our own events and require the help of professionals to pull these off. Today we host Mrs. Ephrance Nsalasatta Musinguzi, the CEO and founder , E-Bridals , Haiba group of companies. She will help us explore how to do and find the right accessories for our events