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The Balance Garden podcast explores the crossroads between the worlds inside and outside. Monthly episodes reflect on the cycles of seasons, philosophy, culture & traditions, stories & creativity. Supporting healthy relationships with our bodies, minds, each other, nature and all the spaces in between.

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Episode 07 - In Between
2021 Mar 241h 5s
E07, In Between, explores the transitions happening inside and outside as we pass the Spring equinox & mark one year in lockdown. I discuss paths through creativity, womanhood & mental health with singer, music industry counsellor and mother, Denise Sherwood.
Episode 06 - Love Is
2021 Feb 2351h 51m 48s
In E06 we're musing over what love is, like Biophilia (love of nature), about which I talk to leading sustainable architect and interior designer, Oliver Heath, after digging into some of the layers that have built on beliefs about love over the centuries
Episode 05 - Up Hill
2021 Jan 2739h 22m
In E05, ‘Up Hill’, we ask what it means to take care of ourselves inside & outside this January - a month traditionally associated with new resolutions & regimes. We talk to yoga teacher Elle Daniels & hear a poem by Theresa Giffard, ‘Self Portrait’.
Episode 04 - Still Light
2020 Dec 2757h 13m
The last episode of the year, E04 looks back on 2020 & forwards to 2021, exploring what winter solstice celebrations might mean across time, place & purpose, & reflecting on the challenges & learnings from this year with writer, speaker, entrepreneur and futurist, Ed Gillespie.
Episode 03 - Coming Home
2020 Nov 1954m 24s
In episode 3 of the Balance Garden podcast, Coming Home, explores ideas around migration, home and the crossroads in between. We’re chatting with award-winning wildlife film-maker, Nina Constable, about how she came to work with the first beavers living in Cornwall for 400 years, and we hear what Thanksgiving means to Syracuse 5th District Councillor and musician, Joe Driscoll.
Episode 02 - Blue Moon
2020 Oct 2350m 31s
In episode 2 of the Balance Garden podcast, Blue moon, we explore the passing of time and days of the dead that are celebrated around the world this month, against the backdrop of a blue moon. We hear the story of Skeleton Woman, as told by the Embers Collective, and have a chat with the musician Cosmo Sheldrake, about the animal and musician maybe most associated with the dead - the owl.
Episode 01 - Equal Night
2020 Sep 2134m 21s
Welcome to the first episode of the Balance Garden podcast! The podcast arrives with the equinox, as we ask what the transition between summer and winter might mean outside, on the land and in our communities, and inside, for us individually and collectively. Producers Tiger Lily Raphael and Jasmine Pradhan will be discussing the ideas behind the podcast, talking to Tom Mettier from Haddon Copse Farm, and looking at the stories and traditions around this time, including Jewish New Year, with special guest Melissa Raphael, a Professor of Theology and Modern Jewish Thought, sharing her thoughts on the month of ‘Elul’.
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