Family Business
  • Alex Babbitt
7 episodes
This is the family business podcast. Take a seat at the table as we talk shit, the way only a family can. Hilarious, honest and emotional, all the things that make all our story unique. Whether you're a father, mother, brother, sister, cousin or someone in the middle. If you consider anyone family, this is the podcast for you.


Family Business Ep 8 Roy Wood Jr
2020 Nov 261h 7m 1s
Roy wood Jr, your funny uncle that tells you to invest in Real Estate and condoms. One of the smartest & forward thinking standup comedians around. On this episode, we talk about his drive to be a great father for his son and so much more stay tuned.
Family Business Ep 7 Devo D Singer Song Writer
2020 Nov 2651m 4s
On This episode of family business are guest is Devo'D He's your talented stoner cousin thats the best way I can say it.
Family Business Ep 6 Jenifer Gilmore Social worker
2020 Nov 261h 3m 38s
From growing up in foster care to becoming a social worker in the bronx for over 20 Years Jenifer Gilmore has been sharing a wealth of experience with are community and the people around her forever so we are grateful to have her as a guest on the podcast also she just so happens to be my dope momma.
Family Business #5: Kwoat
2020 Nov 061h 17m 42s
Join us as we talk to one of the hosts rappers in NYC Kwoat talks about " The Journey"  What it takes, the ups downs and the honest truths of the industry
#3 ( FT Paul Griffin & Chris Hamilton )
2020 Aug 031h 10m 8s
Paul Griffin
#2 "My Father was a Drug Dealer, Allegedly" ( Ft Eva Evans & Chris Hamilton )
2020 Jul 311h 19m 25s
This Episode of the Family business Podcast,  we are joined by the Hilarious & forever outspoken Comedain Eva Evans. We talk about infidelity, Family, Drugs, Money & Everything else that can happen when your Father figure might or might not have sold drugs. Family some your born with  other find you. tune in
#1 " My Black Dad " ( Ft Herb Babbitt & Chris Hamilton)
2020 Jul 0226m 46s
What does it means to be a father? join us as we have a conversation with My father Herb Babbitt and the hilarious Chris Hamilton on this episode of Family business
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