• Payson Wick
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a window into my mind.


everything is going to be ok [episode 11]
2020 Mar 1311m 4s
I think we are all a little scared and that is ok, it is just important to know that we will get through this. Saying this for me before anything else but I hope it helps to hear.
the green couch story [episode 9]
2020 Feb 246m 57s
a tale of blatantly green couch that has seen the world for the last 60 years, and now blesses my living room with it's presence
what makes you feel most alive? [episode 7]
2020 Feb 1012m 35s
we're all a little bit more similar than
a big payson update (oops!) [episode 6]
2020 Feb 049m 8s
but I wanted to keep the habit rolling and decided to take the day to give everyone a quick little update on my life and what I have going on here in Denver.
Bonds in the Car [episode 5]
2020 Jan 2739m 1s
Starting just outside of Golden, CO, we start a conversation that carried us all the way back to Denver. Bonds spent the weekend in CO, and despite getting lost, we had a good time.
Tom & Susan [episode 4]
2020 Jan 2118m
We touch on a lot of points but centered around my growing up with school, my move to Denver, and the last 6 months of my residence in their home.
French Ted [episode 3]
2020 Jan 1319m 47s
On New Years Eve, the eve of 2020, we ring in the coming of a new beginning with a quick podcast before a dinner and a night full of activity in Paris, France.
Jordan Lewinsky [episode two]
2020 Jan 061h 1m 27s
In this episode, we talk about the possibility of the podcast being heard infinity times, how losing weight makes you less funny, and what it means to be alive in 2020.
Ted Wick [episode one]
2019 Dec 211h 20m 59s
can you handle new? this is new? new decade, new podcast.
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