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EP60: Money Empowerment
2021 May 0558m 38s
Your relationship with money CAN bring you joy and make you feel empowered. In this episode, I speak with Carolynn Bottino, author of The Land of Plenty, about embracing the energy of money! Money is power and when you believe in the energy of money you can achieve greatness in your business! After listening, if … Continue reading EP60: Money Empowerment →
EP59: What is your Intuitive Business Superpower?
2021 Apr 2837m 25s
In this episode, I teach you how to access your intuition and find your Intuitive Business Superpower with my new quiz! I also discuss how you can feel abundance and ease in your business and open yourself to new Windows Of Opportunity with my Taste of the WOO program. To take the “What is your … Continue reading EP59: What is your Intuitive Business Superpower? →
EP58: Reading the Reader
2021 Apr 201h 2m 18s
In this very exciting episode of the INTUITIVE Business Podcast, I’m joined by Shoshanna French, an intuitive coach, trainer, and consultant. We discussed the difference between our intuitive strengths and channeled a reading for each other using our individual modalities. GOOSEBUMPS were UP!  After listening to the podcast, be sure to check out Shoshanna’s free … Continue reading EP58: Reading the Reader →
EP57: Confronting Trauma & Embracing Vulnerability
2021 Apr 1350m 2s
In this episode, I’m joined by my dear friend Nicole Lewis-Keeber, a business therapist and mindset coach, Certified in Brené Brown’s The Daring Way and Dare to Lead methodologies. We discuss confronting trauma — more specifically the trauma that the pandemic had on our lives — and how we can move forward in our businesses … Continue reading EP57: Confronting Trauma & Embracing Vulnerability →
EP56: Manifest What You Want
2021 Apr 0753m 5s
Those who have read “Eat, Pray, Love” by Liz Gilbert will be enticed by this episode. Join me as I discuss finding spirituality with Halle Eavelyn, who is a Transformational Coach that runs a special tour to Bali, that helps people heal and have their own “Eat, Pray, Love” moments. Together we laugh over her … Continue reading EP56: Manifest What You Want →
EP55: Discovering Your Herstory
2021 Mar 3151m 5s
The Future is Female… but the Past is Female, too! We just need to save the evidence. Join me as I dive deep into my Herstory with Angela Todd, an archivist, historian, and activist. Angela can help you uncover your story and knows the easiest, most fun way to download all you know about your … Continue reading EP55: Discovering Your Herstory →
EP54: Realigning to a Clear Vision
2021 Mar 1633m 8s
I woke up with Rascal Flatts, “How They Remember You” blaring on the radio. The lyrics sang, “Did you stand or did you fall? Build a bridge or build a wall, Hide your love or give it all, What did you do?”  These words resonated with me. We often focus too much on the past … Continue reading EP54: Realigning to a Clear Vision →
EP53: How to Connect to Your Divine Feminine
2021 Feb 1748m 10s
Understanding our heart space requires removing our old masks and leaning into the flow of the divine feminine. Monica Rodgers, the creator of The Revelation Project talks about how she took off her old masks and joyfully stepped into her intuitive self. Receive a FREE gift from Monica on her website:
EP52: 6th Sense of Copywriting
2021 Feb 0152m 24s
Let me introduce you to my friend Sage Polaris, a Conscious Launch Strategist for the Internet Rich and Famous. In this episode, Sage and I explore the 6th Sense of Copywriting. She shares her expertise with us all and comes bearing gifts! I. Love. Gifts. Especially this one! Three FREE Magical Templates to breathe new … Continue reading EP52: 6th Sense of Copywriting →