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The Business Diaries is a quarterly storytelling event where we uncover the stories that shape the business owners. The podcast allows us to chat further to the entrepreneurs that have shared a story at one of our events. Storytelling is a remarkable way to get to know, like and trust the owner behind the brand.


The Business Diaries Episode 17 Adelle Martin
2021 May 0440m 48s
In this episode, Adelle shares how a routine flight to Edinburgh was the final straw and the misdiagnosis of her early menopause as anxiety prompted her to take matters into her own hands and learn why her body was changing and how she could manage those changes.
The Business Diaries Episode 16 Neil Williams
2021 Apr 0135m 58s
Neil Williams is an experienced business leader and accredited coach, specialising in career, retirement, business and leadership coaching. He is also an accredited coach supervisor (A coach’s coach). In this episode, he takes us though the rollercoaster of his early career in insurance. Be prepared for some highs and lows and join us in considering the importance of values, changing attitudes towards redundancy and the importance of building personal resilience. Neil can be found at
The Business Diaries Episode 15 Nick Inge
2021 Mar 0139m 12s
Nick Inge is a former member of Kent Police, specialising in serious crime and counter-terrorism policing which involved working alongside MI5, MI6 as well as the National Crime Agency. He was responsible for managing informants that were pivotal to high-profile operations tackling terrorism, domestic extremism, serious crime and corruption. Since retiring in 2019, Nick founded and is CEO of specialist whistleblowing consultancy, iTrust Assurance Ltd and is co-founder of WorldlyWise CIC which advises young people as they enter adulthood. Nick has written two books - ‘Exposing the Truth – Whistleblowing Uncovered’ and ‘Jeopardy’.  In this episode, Nick shares a story behind his motto, “You never know” and why you should be open to opportunities and enjoy your business journey. In our discussion, we discuss the value of speaking up and telling the truth safely in all levels of business, how to to build a reputation in a new sector and attitudes to risk. Nick can be found at
The Business Diaries Episode 14 Hasmita Reardon
2021 Feb 0140m 16s
Hasmita came to the UK from war-torn Uganda in 1972, with her mother and younger brother, when she was just 11 years old, unable to speak English, with just one suitcase and £20. She is now a multi-award-winning entrepreneur who specialises in buy-to-let properties and mentors anyone who wants to learn the property business. She is a mum to 3 grown-up sons and 1 granddaughter, and in 2012, Hasy founded New Leaf support, a charity to help anyone experiencing domestic abuse. In this podcast, she takes us back to the time when she left Uganda; the trip to the airport, saying goodbye to her father, the walk across the tarmac to the plane in the blazing heat to landing in London where it was snowing and how this experience has shaped her character and business values.  An incredibly powerful story … one not to be missed.
The Business Diaries Episode 13 Rosemary Williams
2021 Jan 0439m 19s
Rosemary Williams is a qualified business coach and mentor. She offers one-to-one coaching, group workshops and hosts regular business discussion groups focused on solving issues for sole traders, owners and managers of businesses from all sectors. But Rosemary has another passion and interest – that is seafood - which comes from her family’s three generations as shellfish merchants in Kent. She is an author of several books for chefs and home cooks detailing how to prepare and cook shellfish and can regularly be found giving talks and masterclasses on this topic.  In this podcast, she shares how her passion for shellfish all began…
The Business Diaries Episode 12 Andrea Barker
2020 Dec 0135m 52s
Andrea Barker is a confidence coach, a clinical Hypnotherapist and an NLP Practitioner. She empowers her clients, to feel more confident, to Like and Love themselves and reach their potential. She is a qualified trainer and regularly gives talks and workshops, as well as her one to one sessions one-to-one therapy sessions. In this episode, Andrea shares how a flying clipboard was the last straw. Andrea can be found
The Business Diaries Episode 11 Ann Read
2020 Nov 0235m 4s
Ann Read is a Virtual Personal Assistant and Founder of The PA Portal.
The Business Diaries Episode 10 Chris Murphy
2020 Oct 0142m 7s
Chris trained as a physiotherapist, worked in the NHS, was a university lecturer and ran a training consultancy for 18 years. After 2 years spent gutting and renovating his home, becoming a beekeeper and an award-winning public speaker. Chris now mentors people who dislike speaking in front of an audience, helping them become clear, confident and engaging speakers. In this episode, Chris shares some of the key lessons he learned from running his own business and why he does things so differently now.
The Business Diaries Episode 9 Deborah Turner
2020 Sep 0245m 59s
Deborah Turner describes herself as a multipotentialite, running two very different businesses. As a property consultant, she focuses on strategic estate management advice for local authorities and business development/project management for private clients. With You Image Consultancy she specialises in personal branding helping clients ‘dress for success’. Also, Deborah is the Champion for Women in Business for the Federation of Small Businesses, FSB Area-lead for Kent, National Lead for BAME Women in Business and co-founder of Breakthrough Women, a not for profit organisation celebrating women in business and raising the visibility of women succeeding in business. In this episode, she shares a pivotal moment in her career which prompted her to turn over a new leaf.
The Business Diaries Episode 8 Magriet Steyn
2020 Aug 0339m 31s
Magriet Steyn (aka the Step family Harmony Coach) is a professional Life Coach and Certified Step Parent Coach. As a step mum to two adult stepchildren, bio-mum to two teens, and co-parent with two ex-husbands, she understands the complexities and challenges surrounding step family life.