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Doing my best to normalize candid conversations on all things millennial mental health and wellbeing — plus some other fun stuff — with my talented, smart, and funny rotating guest co-hosts. Let's be friends! Follow the blog at Support this podcast:


5. Let's Talk Corporate Burnout (and How to Avoid It)
2021 Jan 1755m 6s
Who doesn't love a full circle moment?
4. Do I *REALLY* Need a Therapist?
2020 Nov 151h 2m 1s
Help me welcome to the show, one of my favorite people — and the first person on #MarketingTwitter I was brave enough to DM — Gia Cattaneo!
3. Self Care x Social: Friend or Foe?
2020 Nov 0137m 46s
Come have a little sit with Raph and I while we discuss the good and bad of social media, showing yourself *grace*, and of course, SELF CARE. Oh, and candles. ALL THE CANDLES.
2. Living with a Partner During Quarantine
2020 Nov 0133m 32s
Moving in together is a big step. Living in a one bedroom through all of 2020 without killing them — you're a damn champ! Maivien and I discuss our love for chicken nuggets, Shea McGee's new Netflix show — Dream Home Makeover, and living with our significant others during quarantine. Do me a favor and help me talk Maivien into staying in Seattle. DM me things that suck about Colorado and California on Instagram.
1. Let's Talk Mental Health and Self Care
2020 Nov 0138m 25s
I'm SO glad to give you all the VERY FIRST episode of Self Care! This episode is extra special because my guest co-host, Danielle, was my first guest host on my limited run podcast in 2016! We're coming full circle with this inaugural episode. Fun Fact: We have over 20 minutes of deleted scenes that are funny enough to make you pee yourself — so keep an eye out for the those scenes in an upcoming Cutting Room Floor episode.
Coming Soon on Self Care
2020 Oct 205m 24s
Testing, testing — is this thing on? OH, HI! Let's get real, our mental health is * s u f f e r i n g * right now. With this podcast, I hope to bring a little light to our community of millennials (and the younger at heart.) Along with my curated collection of guest co-hosts, we'll be sharing more on REAL self care, opening up about our mental health, and let's be honest, dishing out our thoughts on Real Housewives, too. I'm working on the first few episodes right now — coming soon — but couldn't wait to say hi. I hope you're as excited as I am. If you’re as excited as I am, please consider showing your support by subscribing, rating, and leaving reviews on your preferred streaming platform. These simple actions make the world of difference for a new show, like this one.
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