• The Three O$HA Bois
2 episodes
You have three O$HA Bois talking about news what more could you want. iCloud limits upload time to 3 hours so we have to delete episodes after a while so if you would like to go back and watch an episode you can always rematch it on youtube.


Episode 12: We Know Nothing About Immigration, But rip XXX
2018 Jun 261h 9m 28s
in this one the void talk about XXX and how sad his death was. in addition they cover some mysteries about his death. Also they talk about the new executive order put in place by trump.
episode 10: BLOOPER REEL
2018 Jun 0945m 54s
in this one the bois talk about an FBI agent who took shots then his gun shot gottem. also they talk about how spotify is no longer muting artist. in addition they talk about 69 versus chief keef and more.
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