Badass Confidence
  • Jeff Losaria
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Helping you develop badass confidence so you can get past the sh*t that holds you back. What makes you jump out of your seat and say... "That's f*cking badass. I wish I could do that." As cliche as it sounds, life is too short... so what's your badass life look like? It might be reaching a 6-figure salary at a Fortune 500 company, building a badass business you love, developing a mobile app, getting over your social fears and anxiety, leading a team with respect and charisma, speaking on stage with a full audience staring at you, starting a conversation with that attractive guy or girl,


Would You Regret It? Then Do It...
2020 May 056m 18s
Stuck inbetween decisions and overthinking it? Here's how to use regret to finally make a choice. This from the story of how I got my first real experience as a dating coach teaching on a live training program in Las Vegas with student from all over the world. I shared this post originally on my Facebook page. Go to to see the original post and to get updates on when I post new content.================================== If you enjoyed this podcast, please subscribe! If you're subscribed and been enjoying the content, please leave us a great rating in the platform you're listening on! =============================== Jeff here! And a couple of things before you leave. First is F*cking Badass Fridays. There's a ton of badass content online. But it feels like there's not enough time to sift through everything. And do you wish you could have someone give you the content... plus the main takeaways and key points? This is what F*cking Badass Fridays is about! ================================= Do you want to get a short email from me every Friday where I share badass content with short bullets of what's important? It can include any videos, articles, or podcasts of anything that is just breathtakingly amazing to consume. Or is just highly helpful. Or it's just a fun distraction like videos of extreme athletes, talented dancers or even esports professionals. I dive A LOT into psychology, ultra performers, online business, digital marketing, investing, and... much, much more all to figure out more ways to live a badass life. If you'd like to join, go to and enter your email to receive the next one!
How to manage Coronavirus Outbreak Fear, Stress, & Anxiety (While Preparing for the Worst)
2020 Mar 2121m 58s
Are you overwhelmed and stressed out about the coronavirus pandemic? The future is uncertain and that is affecting A LOT of people.
Why Are You Holding Yourself Back Because of the Judgement of Other People?
2020 Feb 2720m 3s
Does the judgement of what other people think of you... hold you back? Do you wish you could be yourself more? I recorded this podcast for you... because I used to care soooo much about what other people thought of me. It terrifies me because deep down I didn't want other people's judgements to validate my own fears of being weak, inadequate, and not enough.
6 Tips for Overcoming the Fear of Failure
2020 Feb 1920m 51s
If you knew you couldn't fail, what would you do? Or if you didn't care about the judgement of other people or what other people would think, what would you try. It's these fears that hold people back: the fear of failure, fear of rejection or fear of being judged. We've all face a form of this fear or ALL these fears at some point in life. On this podcast, you'll get 6 proven tips of helping to overcome the fear of failure.
Why Confidence Is Useless... Without Courage
2020 Feb 1910m 24s
Developing badass confidence will change your life... But it's useless if you don't have this skill. When you have this ability, it's a confidence superpower. It lets you build confidence despite how you feel. Whether that's anxious, afraid, overwhelmed, or any other intense emotion or negative thought that makes you hesitate... you'll be able to take action. And being able to take consistent action is what will help you build your badass life. A life that you truly think is badass.
Your Mind is F*cked... And Here's What to Do About it
2020 Feb 1619m 53s
Have you ever thought... Wow my mind thought of something f*cked up. And your mind held you back and made you hesitate. All because of something you thought or imagined in your head. Here's the good news. It okay if you're mind is f*cked... And we'll talk about what to start doing about it.
Do you feel like you were meant to do more?
2020 Feb 166m 19s
Welcome to Badass Confidence! Do you feel like you were meant to do more? Meant to be more? You want to have a badass life and live life on your terms. But are you holding yourself back? If you could just overcome your fears, thoughts, and any obstacles standing in your way, would you be living a badass life. A badass life that you want? I introduce how this podcast can chabge your life...
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