Let's Talk Smack Sports Podcast
  • Tom Nolle & Justin Gagnon
15 episodes
The Let's Talk Smack Sports Podcast is a comedy/sports podcast where people can tune in to hear Tom, Justin and friends break down all the fun / dumb s*** about sports going on in the world today. We cover the NFL, MLB, NBA, MLS, NHL, FIFA, World Cup, Parcheesi (etc. etc.) and also whatever your favorite team is! Send a question to letstalksmacksportspodcast@gmail.com and we'll knock it out of the park, just foul.


LTSSP 205 - Justin Gets Married!
2019 Nov 1546m 50s
The latest and greatest from Tommy and Shwaggers, in which Justin gets married! They also chat about the NFL, Patriots being slightly less invincible, and the rise (or fall?) of one Mitchell Trubisky.
LTSSP 204 - Mini-Episode: Pepe's Week 4 Way Too Early Picks
2019 Sep 299m 11s
Just in time for Sunday's games, here's Michael Pepe returning with week 4 NFL picks! Thanks for listening, everyone! We'll feature a full episode very soon.
LTSSP 203: First Hat Contest! Plus Pepe's Week 3 Picks and A LOT About Antonio Brown
2019 Sep 2249m 5s
Check out Tommy and Shwaggers as they get down to the nasty business of figuring out what happened to Delonte West, what's going to happen to Antonio Brown, epic lightning round questions about who will be last place in the NFL, MLB Playoffs (Playoffs!?) and more! Also our first merch contest has arrived. If you'd like to buy merch, hit up smacktalkpodcast.com and click the merch tab! 00:00:11 Tommy Bananas (!?)
LTSSP 202: Rapid Reactions to NFL Week 1 + Way Too Early Super Bowl Predictions
2019 Sep 1556m 19s
Justin and Tommy can't believe their eyes (!) as the Steelers fall apart on Sunday night in week 1 of the NFL. They also chat about surprises throughout the league like the Browns' implosion, laugh at Chris Collinsworth's obsession with a certain QB, and get Pepe's Picks for the Way Too Early Super Bowl Odds. 00:00:15 Rapid Reactions: Patriots vs Steelers
LTSSP 201 - The Smacktacular: Andrew Luck Retires, WTF Happened to Freddy Adu? and Pepe's Picks Week 1
2019 Sep 031h 17m 55s
Tommy and Justin have been renewed for a second season, just in time for the first week of the NFL! They're also joined by Michael Pepe for a brand new Pepe's picks for week 1. They discuss Andrew Luck, yell about bird poop and cocaine, chat about the Rich Paul rule, DeMarcus Cousins, ask WTF Happened to Freddy Adu, and basically just talk a lot of smack. 00:00:00 Welcome to Season 2!
LTSSP 010: The Final Episode (of Season 1) / WTF Happened To Carmelo Anthony
2019 Aug 041h 4m 1s
Tommy and Shwaggers are back from their summer hiatus with a vengeance! Lives will be destroyed, smack will be talked, and sports comedy gold will ensue! Also, they address US Women's Soccer, Tyler Skaggs, Carmelo Anthony, fallout from the NBA and NHL Finals, NBA trades including KD, Westbrook, George, Kawhi, and more! Also they hit on the Dodgers and Yankees, and have a very fun lightning round about predictions for the future - of mankind! Or just, you know, the NBA, beer prices and the NFL. 00:02:15 Tyler Skaggs’ untimely death - we’re all sad about it
LTSSP 009: The Raptors, The Warriors, The Bruins, The Blues, and All That Jazz
2019 Jun 041h 4m 46s
Tommy and Shwaggers talk about the NBA and NHL Finals while laughing about the ugliest logos in the NFL and the NBA. They also chat about Steph Curry and his ego, the weird Klay Thompson injury, dirty hits by hockey goons, and more! 00:50 Tommy and Shwaggers say sorry (but actually, would like an apology!)
LTSSP 008 - NBA Draft, NBA Playoffs, Marijuana And Sports Medicine
2019 May 161h 11m 49s
Justin and Tommy discuss the NBA playoffs including the Bucks and Raptors, Warriors and Blazers, the NHL playoffs (Bruins, 'Canes, Sharks, Blues), the NBA Draft (Zion + Pelicans), Xavien Howard the highest paid CB, hope for women's hockey, the Champions League, and marijuana as a medicinal treatment for athletes. All this, plus some awesome lightning round questions submitted by Brian and Ash! 00:01:54 Shwaggerz Says Sorry
LTSSP 007 - A Story About A Guy Named Tyreek Hill + NFL Draft + NBA and NHL Playoffs + Pepe's Picks!
2019 Apr 301h 26m 30s
Tommy and Shwaggers dish about the latest released audio recording from one Chiefs player named Tyreek, smack-talk their way through the NHL and NBA playoffs, have loud opinions about the NFL draft, and have their first visit from Michael Pepe for his new segment, Pepe's Picks! Plus this episode contains your host's usual dynamic lightning round of fury (special shout out to Ash for our first submission), and you get an episode with all of the humor and several of the opinions, most of them dicey at best. 02:15 Tommy Says Sorry About The Angels
LTSSP 006 - Let Us Tell You Something, Brother! (About WrestleMania, Among Other Things)
2019 Apr 171h 56m 18s
Tommy and Shwaggers have their first special guest (Todd Geritz) to talk about the new era of wrestling. They go all in on WrestleMania 35 with Todd's deep knowledge of the WWE and discuss some of the issues surrounding the league - and also why it's still a whole lot of fun. They also deep-dive into the NBA playoffs, the NHL playoffs, fighting in hockey, Tiger Woods, NFL player moves, Leonard Fournette's suspended license, Puig, the AAF folding, and the signs of trouble brewing on the Lakers. All that plus a hilarious lightning round involving very ugly wrestlers and jerseys!