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The Worst Generation Podcast is a podcast featuring YouTube and Twitch personalities: Smeef, BrintRevised, Breaditor, Daniel Sambar, Indiered, Kiwingly, and Mishythesheep. The Worst Generation is a new group content oriented channel on YouTube focusing on bringing engaging and entertaining videos such as podcasts (such as the one you may be about to listen to), stream highlights, and gameplay. Check us out on Twitter: @TheWorstGenera Check us out on YouTube: The Worst Generation


All Over The Place - The Worst Generation Podcast #2
2020 Aug 251h 6m 51s
This is The Worst Generation Podcast where we talk about different things such as gaming, real world topics and stories from our past. Subscribe for more great content and like the video for more episodes of the podcast.  In this episode we talk about what we love about each other, plans for the future, and how we all met. Featuring Smeef, Breaditor, Mishythesheep, and Kiwingly.
Preparing for the WORST - The Worst Generation Podcast #1
2020 Aug 091h 18m 42s
Preparing for the WORST - The Worst Generation Podcast #1
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