We Will Journey Podcast
  • Tyler Thiessen and Seth Sander
28 episodes
We Will Journey Podcast is about faith and life as it happens, and not the glossy exterior we wish it was. We get under the surface and explore the down and dirty of life as it pertains to our beliefs, relationships, politics, and absolutely everything else. Welcome to our Journey!


Having healthy disagreements in the internet age | Episode 28
2021 Apr 2353m
Today we talk about having loving, healthy conversations with those we disagree with. Is it still possible to have cultural, religious and political disagreements without it causing more division? We discuss some of the difficulties brought on by the internet and social Media when it comes to this topic.
"The Shack", Mother Teresa, and living out God's Word | Episode 27
2021 Apr 1346m 18s
Today we talk about Christian films, living out God's Word and Seth getting over Jet-lag after just getting back from a wedding. Tyler shares his thoughts about The Shack and what impacted him from the story. We discuss how story telling has changed over the years and how Christian media has improved in quality. Seth also shares about his recent and very quick trip to the states.
Growing up Third Culture and church dynamics (with Dave Bayne) | Episode 26
2021 Apr 0558m 39s
Today Seth interviews our friend, Dave Bayne. Dave lives in Austria but grew up in a Missionary family in Africa. We discuss what it's like being a Third Culture Kid and raising children in that environment. Dave lends his thought on the Church and we discuss if letting a church die out is ever a good thing.
Discipleship | Episode 25
2021 Mar 3047m 8s
Today we look at the topic of discipleship. What's it all about? how do we do it? What did Jesus do with His disciples? It often seems easier to talk about doing it but much harder to follow through..We dive into this topic today, I hope you enjoy!
Sabbaths, Sermons and School at home. | Episode 24
2021 Mar 2356m 35s
Today Tyler and I talk about about a variety of topics including; how we spend our Sabbaths, prepping for sermons, having pets(including robotic birds), and homeschooling. We have fun, we hope you too :)
Discussion on Lance Armstrong, how God uses the broken | Episode 23
2021 Mar 151h 6m 23s
Today we talk about a documentary that Seth recently watched called, Lance. It covers the life of Lance Armstrong including the great highs and incredible lows. We discuss what it's like to live with a lie or hiding the truth..including some of are own experiences with that. It's incredible how God uses broken people for amazing things.
The Transgender Movement (with Jeremiah Sander) | Episode 22
2021 Mar 0854m 26s
Today we talk with one our favorite people, our good friend and brother, Jeremiah Sander. Jeremiah serves as a pastor in Illinois where he lives with his family.
Accepting one another and Spiritual warfare | Episode 21
2021 Mar 011h 1m 59s
Some contact that comes up in this episode may not be suitable for children.
2020 year in review | Episode 20
2021 Feb 2257m 12s
In this episode we look back at the year that was 2020. We talk about some of our favorite movies and music from last year. Tyler got a new dog, Seth got kicked out of an Airbnb, we both struggled to pronounce words, and more!
Truth, it's what's for dinner - How faith helps us interpret truth in our culture| Episode 19
2021 Feb 141h 13m 23s
In this episode our topic is truth. When we look around at today's landscape, we see a myriad of options in both Christian and secular media sources. How do we know what or who to listen to?