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Want to learn about project management in Australia? This podcast is about team leadership, innovation and technology. We take a deep dive into all things related to project management including team mobilisation, flexible working and managing during a crisis


Any.Talk: Negotiation
2021 Mar 2517m 52s
What are the stages of negotiation? What skills do you need to be able to negotiate well? How long does a contract negotiation take? We answer all of these questions and more in the latest episode of Any.Talk
Any.Talk: Cybersecurity
2021 Mar 1017m 11s
In this episode we discuss how small businesses can protect themselves from a cyber attack, what the consequences of not protecting your business and/or clients are, and how Anywise can help other businesses with security training.
Any.Talk: Integrated Logistics Support
2021 Feb 2419m 34s
In this episode, we discuss what Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) is in a Defence setting, what the elements of ILS are and why it's important. We also look at whether ILS is becoming a dying art and what kind of training someone needs in order to be a successful ILS manager.
Any.Talk: Project Management Organisations
2021 Feb 1018m 43s
Is your business thinking about implementing a Project Management Organisation (PMO) but isn't sure if it's well suited to your organisation? Listen to this episode of Any.Talk to find out what the benefits of having a PMO are and why they don't have to be a 'one size fits all' approach.
Any.Talk: Staff Decision Making
2021 Feb 0323m 16s
In this episode we wanted to explore why staff decision making is important, particularly in a military context. We look at examples of good and bad staff decision making and how people find working in the business world who came from a military background.
Any.Talk: High performing teams
2021 Jan 2716m 1s
In this episode of Any.Talk, we explore why it's important when you're trying to cultivate a high performing team to focus on the 'why' and the purpose, never the 'what'. We also discuss the importance of trusting your team to deliver results and why having that shared sense of purpose is vital when working together in a high performing team
Any.Talk: Agile Procurement
2021 Jan 1812m 21s
This episode is about agile procurement, in relation to how the Australian Defence Department does procurement. We discuss the challenges that large organisations, such as government departments face when trying to adapt to an agile approach versus a more traditional procurement method (eg. waterfall). In this episode we also discuss when agile should be adopted for a project and when it shouldn't. We also look at how the government procurement landscape will look in the future and where the agile methodology is working well
Any.Talk: Digital Transformation
2020 Dec 1515m 30s
It's becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to remain relevant if they don't have a digital adoption strategy. Now that the bar has been set, there are certain expectations that clients and consumers have with businesses they interact with. This podcast episode explores what digital transformation involves and how to implement it properly. Host: Annie-Mei Forster. Guests: Steven Kouloumendas and Chris MacKellar. Any.Talk is an Anywise production.
Any.Talk: Social Responsibility
2020 Dec 1015m 9s
Anywise always had a belief that they would be able to be a company that could not only make money but be good corporate citizens and give back to the community. In 2018, Anywise became a B-Corporation which recognises the 20% of profit that Anywise puts aside for philanthropic pursuits. Consumers want to do business with companies that are ethically-minded, not just there to sell a product or service. Listen to the full episode to learn more. Host: Annie-Mei Forster. Guests: Adam Evans and Steven Kouloumendas
Any.Talk: Anywise AIDE
2020 Dec 027m 46s
Are you a not-for-profit or charity looking to learn project management skills or write government grants? Anywise has recently launched our Anywise AIDE program, which is one of just many ways that Anywise gives back to the community. We don't just want to show you how to do something once, but rather take you on a journey and show you how you can implement the right processes and tools in your workplace. We also want to build long lasting relationships, so that charities and not-for-profits can reach out to us if they need our help later on down the track.