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Talks about things that we experience daily to enrich and benefit our souls and mind


Late Nights - Song written by Chris aka C(PM) feat Dizzle aka Nnamdi (Hot 16). Produced by DJ DFib.
2020 Jul 144m 2s
One of the tracks on the unreleased album by the Outlets (California Band). Creation Station production. Sounds that expands the airwaves and flows so elegantly on the belt of Saturn. Circa 2012.
Dreamgirl feat Chris "C(P.M)" on guitar and Johnny aka DJ DFib
2020 May 204m 34s
Creation station with Joel, Nnamdi, Johnny and Magnificent Chris aka C(P.M) circa 2012. First song, first take, first band, Every Tuesday.
Laser Focus Manifestations with Chris Jai Alex and Nnamdi
2020 Apr 1051m 52s
In-depth conversation with this talented brother that keeps expanding intellectually and sharing his creativity with his art form of acting, voice over, music, stunts and most importantly being super dope.
Know Too Munch: Food For Thought with Know-Madik and Nnamdi
2020 Mar 301h 26m 48s
Sit down of in-depth conversation that touches on all areas of our thoughts, mind, and how to stay connected to the energy that spread and brings all love.
2020 Mar 2343s
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