Enduring Resolve
  • Luis Martinez
11 episodes
Welcome Traders! In order to become a successful trader requires both persistence and consistence. You have to have the resolve to stay the course when life gets hard and you don’t think you’re going to make it. You need to have the resilience to power through it all. You need an enduring resolve. That’s what this podcast stands for. I want to inspire, motivate, and inform both new and aspiring traders to build a profitable trading practice in order to achieve financial independence through trading. If you ever wanted to manage your own money or better yet become a masterful trader, then you're in the right place! Subscribe and follow along on our podcast and website to go on this journey with me.


010: The Launch of Operation Enduring Resolve
2020 Apr 2726m 39s
Earning a funded trading account
009: What Can I Trade?
2020 Apr 2017m 29s
Cover products that can be traded; Discuss the focus of Enduring Resolve
008: Should You Leave Your Financial Advisor?
2020 Apr 1318m 51s
The Value of a Financial Advisor; The Limitations of a Financial Advisor; Services that You Need a Financial Advisor For; Learn that there is a place for a Financial Advisor
007: Leaving Your Job To Become A Full Time Trader
2020 Apr 0629m
Preparation and Planning to transition to become a full-time trader; The pitfalls you might face; What I learned from the process
006: Can Anyone Be A Trader?
2020 Mar 3016m 23s
Self assess to determine if you have what it takes to be a trader
005: How Many Strategies Do You Need As A Trader?
2020 Mar 2316m 52s
The importance of a strategy; Different types of strategies; How to find strategies; How to choose a strategy
004: How To Get Started As A Trader
2020 Mar 1614m 57s
How to get started in trading; Establishing your finances; Establishing your goals; Finding your strategy
003: Trading With A Job
2020 Mar 0917m 15s
How to trade with a job, different strategies that could be employed, the benefits of keeping a job, the challenges of trading with a job
002 Why Financial Independence Through Trading
2020 Mar 0231m 6s
We will discuss why choose to achieve financial independence through trading, who should choose this path, why I chose this path, the benefits, the challenges
001: The Difference Between Investing and Trading
2020 Mar 0118m 46s
In this episode we will define and describe investing, define and describe trading, the pros and cons of each, determine which is best for you, and serves to set the baseline for this podcast