• Casey Buckner
12 episodes
Bill and Casey are here to bring you all the information, help, and events, LIVE from the Magic City! Whether it’s past events, or currents trends, we will keep you informed on all things Birmingham!


Birmingham Live is Back!
2020 Jun 276m 39s
We’re finally back after being on break with Covid! We’re talking Covid, Farmers Markets, and July 4th!
Birmingham LIVE with special guest, Grandma B!
2020 Mar 2811m 26s
This week we have a very special guest, Grandma B on with us to talk the history of the city and how it’s changed for the better!
Coronavirus Week 2
2020 Mar 214m 37s
Week 2 with the Coronavirus, so we give just a quick update and tips to stay connected!
Birmingham LIVE- Corona, QT, and Hero Donuts
2020 Mar 1410m 49s
This week on Birmingham LIVE we talk some of the effects of the Coronavirus, Birmingham’s new developments, low unemployment, St Patrick’s Day, and food!
Birmingham LIVE- Corona, Bass, Work Force Update and the Continuous Growth of Our Great City!
2020 Mar 0710m 38s
This week we talk about everything form golf tournament updates, to corona virus, to local events. Even the big things like job growth and our great unemployment rates!
Birmingham LIVE- Apple CEO Tim Cook, World Games Sports, and Leap Day!
2020 Feb 298m 49s
This week we talk about the awesome news with Apple ceo Tim Cook, daylight savings time, fun event at the McWane Center, leap day events and World Games Sports!
Nascar, Cinnamon, and Firehouse
2020 Feb 2211m 37s
This week we talk about the bad wreck in NASCAR, new restaurants coming including a cinnamon roll shop, sports, and Firehouse Ministries big move.
Birmingham LIVE- Rain, Love, and More Rain
2020 Feb 159m 31s
This weeks episode we talk about all the rain, love, bjcc events, and more rain!
Birmingham LIVE- Crawfish Season, ACE, and Lee Branch
2020 Feb 0810m 16s
Crawfish Season and Lots of Business Updates, ACE, Tattersall, Lee Branch, and Investments
Birmingham LIVE- Sad News, Good News, and Growing News!
2020 Feb 0112m 15s
Birmingham LIVE- Sad News, Good News, and Growing News!