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  • Jordan Collier
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Exploring the events of the American Civil War in the Tennessee Valley using official records and surviving eyewitness experiences. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/jordan-collier10/support


Summer 1862 - Part 1 - Union struggles and Reversals of Fortune
2021 Apr 2657m 18s
We will discuss the dramatic obstacles the Army of the Ohio faced as they moved through North Alabama in the hot and dusty summer of 1862, and the shocking reversals of fate they were destined to endure
Supplement to Episode 9 - The Railroad Raid
2021 Apr 1420m 30s
In April 1862, a courageous group of Union soldiers snuck behind Rebel lines to steal a locomotive and disrupt a vital artery of the Confederacy. But all did not go according to plan
Spring 1862 - Federal Occupation of North Alabama
2021 Mar 1649m 25s
Immediately following Shiloh, Federal forces occupy stretegic points in North Alabama, while Rebels attempt to undermine their position in every way possible.
The Battle of Shiloh - Day 2
2021 Feb 1453m 1s
We will explore the events of the second day's fighting at Shiloh, and the aftermath in the nation and the Tennessee Valley. At the 15:39 mark, I state incorrectly Buell's forces arrived as late as 11:00 a.m. Tuesday. I should have said Monday
Supplement to Shiloh, Day 1
2021 Jan 3150m 59s
Here you'll find unabridged eyewitness accounts of the battle of Shiloh, with brief biographical blurbs about the authors. (I let my Southern accent slip a little bit with Sam Watkins, but it seemed appropriate) You can follow the link below to see pictures of the authors as well as a transcript of this episode. Enjoy! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AAaDHAflwe0NLQAj2wOLtdrDHDHW9n51/view?usp=drivesdk
The Battle of Shiloh - Day 1
2021 Jan 111h 4m 5s
We will examine the bloody struggle which took place one lovely Sunday morning on the banks of the Tennessee River from the eyes of those who experienced it firsthand. See the link below for the excerpted quotations I gathered for my research: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pGgHWyJWPcni4TyfnWkjDWSmtuqREdVi/view?usp=drivesdk
The Battle of Shiloh - Introduction
2020 Nov 1644m 27s
We will discuss the historical context leading up to the monumental battle of Shiloh, early in April 1862. *At 10:53 and 16:25 I forget to say "end quote"
The Battles of Fort Henry and Fort Donelson
2020 Oct 1858m 52s
The Valley of the Tennessee is opened to Union invasion with a dramatic turn of events for life in the Shoals.
1861: days of optimism, excitement, and naivete
2020 Sep 2252m 10s
We will discuss the events of the Civil War between Lincoln's inauguration and the aftermath of Bull Run; a time characterized by naive misconceptions about the bloody nature of the war to come.
The Election of 1860 and the Alabama Secession Convention
2020 Aug 2258m 33s
We will discuss the fractious election of 1860, the Alabama state secession convention, with detailed eyewitness narratives and demographic information. At the 13:33 mark, it's Seward, not Steward. I know that, just misspoke!