Lost In Traducción
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This is an intercultural podcast which will talk a lot about cultures and cool things, especially that happened in Indonesia and Mexicó, hosted by Dika and Sayda, they will take you to the cultural and fun discussion in English and Español! Contact Us at lostintraduccionpodcast@gmail.com


2020 Nov 0338m 50s
In this episode, Dika and Sayda discussing how crazy the party in Mexico could be and why Indonesian need to takes some lessons from the Mexican on how to become a party-head! Entonces, ¡take your time y Escuchar a esta podcast!
EPS1. ¡Hola me llamo es!
2020 Oct 2027m 57s
¡Hola! Welcome to the Lost In Traducción, a podcast which talks a lot about cultures and cool things that happened in Indonesia and Mexicó. In this first episode, Dika and Sayda as the host will introduce themselves and tell one to two things that they know about Indonesia and Mexicó!
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.