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Premier League and Serie A focused along with the major news coming from the top 5 leagues around Europe. Passionate, opinionated, in depth, tactical analysis and plenty of laughs along the way. Welcome to Soc-Talk, where they Soc and we Talk


MW 22 - Premier League & MW 19 - Serie A
2020 Jan 151h 3m 8s
Tides have turned, at least in Serie A that is. However there are teams trading places in England with Leicester faltering again and Man City smashing the Villains this weekend. Further improvements from Rashford and United, although against bottom feeders Norwich City. Find out about our MOTWs and other news, including transfer rumours
MW 21 - Premier League & MW 18 - Serie A
2020 Jan 1048m 2s
Serie A action returns...finally! Great matchweek with plenty of mouth watering action, with a few surprising results as well. Big 6 point clash at the Emirates that took place along with some other struggling London sides
MW 19 & 20 - Premier League
2019 Dec 311h 2m 43s
TAA, Vardy & Maddison. Arsenal's new manager; any significant differences? Not to mention transfer news already
MW 17 & 18 - Premier League & MW 17 - Serie A
2019 Dec 241h 10m 42s
It's a Christmas miracle! So much happened over the past couple of weeks from managerial changes to league positions. Leicester's run finally over and what does it mean for the title? Capitulation for Milan (but which one?)
MW 15 & 16 - Premier League & MW 15 - Serie A
2019 Dec 111h 15m 11s
Breaking down who's been impressive so far in Serie A (defensively), the importance of McTominay and Man Utd's recent resurgence and much more. Don't miss out on our picks on who will be getting relegated in the Premier League this season.
MW 14 - Premier League & Serie A
2019 Dec 031h 10m 28s
Liverpool keep on rolling while Man City falter...dare I say it, again. New table toppers in Serie A this week again. We also cover why Sheffield may be doing so well and punching above expectations and much more
MW 13 - Premier League & Serie A
2019 Nov 261h 5m 34s
Which two teams from each respective leagues do we liken to each other? A familiar face in London but not one you'd expect and have things begun to slowly kickoff for Milan. Don't miss out on it and not to mention the robbery in Bergamo!
MW 11 & 12 - Premier League & Serie A
2019 Nov 141h 8m 28s
Return of the mack daddies! Back from our short stint out, we apologize to absolutely no one. But it has been an exciting couple of match weeks filled with goals, controversy (VAR at it again, especially in the Anfield clash) and some big surprises. Parma stepping it up, Sarri's tactics failing but still doing just enough and do Leicester have what it takes, again?
MW 10 - Premier League & MW 9 - Serie A
2019 Oct 311h 24m 32s
Who would have thought Juve and Inter both drop points. Man Utd has a little resurgence and the Blues keep on impressing with Pulisic off the mark (x3). Not to mention the MOTW at Anfield that did not disappoint.
MW 9 - Premier League & MW 8 - Serie A
2019 Oct 241h 15m 55s
Who could've predicted that MOTW in Rome. Oh that's right we did! A classic Serie A clash between Atalanta and Lazio followed by some shocking displays elsewhere (don't mind the technical issues this week)