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Philanthropy In The New Normal is a monthly podcast series that looks at how philanthropy has been impacted by the events of 2020; the global health crisis, economic downturn, displacement of people, damage to the environment, global warming, social justice and racial inequalities. Challenges that will likely continue for years. We will explore the role of philanthropy when addressing systemic issues, protecting marginalized and disenfranchised populations, and provide guidance for more individuals to get involved. Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd, is a global philanthropic advisory firm helping high net worth and ultra-high net worth donors achieve greater impact with their charitable dollars since 2000.


Episode 6 | What’s Happening to Philanthropy?
2021 Apr 0520m 26s
Teri Behrens, Executive Director of the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy at Grand Valley University and Betsy Brill, President of Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd., discuss The Johnson Center’s 11 Trends in Philanthropy for 2021. They will explore:
Episode 5: Integrating Investments and Philanthropy: A Unique Perspective
2021 Feb 2321m 43s
Jennifer Astone, Founder and Principal of Integrated Capital Investing; a philanthropic thought leader and prominent voice in financial activism, talks about how donors can creatively invest to achieve the greatest impact in the issue areas they care most about. As Jen says, “you do not have to give up a return on your investment, you just have to employ the tools that exist to align your financial resources for maximum impact.”
Episode 4: Covid Kids. How is the Next Generation impacted by the Pandemic
2021 Jan 2724m 47s
Dr. Harold Koplewicz, President and Medical Director of the Child Mind Institute and Dr. Christina Biedermann, Associate Professor at Adler University talk about the impact and implications of Covid-19 on children and their communities. They discuss the  potential long term impact of the Pandemic on young children unless the symptoms of emotional problems are recognized early. This lively discussion provides preventative suggestions for parents and educators.
Episode 3: The Now Generation
2020 Dec 1531m 48s
They used to call younger leaders “the next generation”, but don’t say that to Millennials or Gen Z. They consider themselves the Now Generation because of the issues that have been kicked down the road such as: social justice, racial inequity, climate change, food and housing insecurity, and have landed squarely in their hands.
Episode 2: How Philanthropy is Changing; a 20-Year Perspective
2020 Nov 1724m 40s
Tom Burroughes, Group Editor at Family Wealth Report, and Betsy Brill, President of Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd explore how philanthropy has changed over the past 20 years and what factors are influencing and shaping the philanthropic sector going forward.
Episode 1: 2020 Year End Giving: What You Need to Know!
2020 Oct 2222m
Betsy Brill, President of Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd., John LaFleur and Mollie Bunis, Managing Directors of the firm, discuss how the challenges of 2020 are affecting charitable giving as we approach year end.
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